“We look forward to our projects with Virgil Abloh”: BTS Announced As Global Ambassadors For Louis Vuitton

bts the new LV ambassadors

Worldwide sensation BTS has now become the global ambassadors for luxury brand Louis Vuitton. After various collaborations and projects with renowned brands from all over the world the 7 member kpop boyband has now partnered with LV. The septet was seen dressed in Louis Vuitton’s Fall 2021 men’s collection to this year’s Grammy Awards red carpet from Korea (they were nominated for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance).

BTS as Louis Vuitton’s brand ambassadors

The luxury brand announced the news on April 23, explaining, “Louis Vuitton looks forward to a new journey with BTS, who is recognized worldwide with various Billboard and Guinness World Records.”

Virgil Abloh, artistic director of Louis Vuitton’s menswear collection, commented, “We welcome BTS who has joined Louis Vuitton as ambassadors. We really look forward to collaborating with BTS, starting a new chapter for Louis Vuitton through the fusion of luxury and contemporary culture. We want to reveal our exciting projects as soon as possible.”

BTS added, “Becoming global ambassadors of Louis Vuitton is a meaningful moment for BTS, and we look forward to our projects with Virgil Abloh.”

Louis Vuitton is very happy after the collaboration with BTS

In a press release announcing BTS’ new role, Louis Vuitton calls them “one of the most renowned and influential groups in the world,” adding that “BTS’ ubiquitous popularity resonates worldwide and Louis Vuitton is very happy to share news of their new role within the House.” The fashion brand also tweeted the announcement alongside a new picture of the guys sporting pastel-hued LV looks. The tweet calls them “pop icons,” and recognized the members for their “uplifting messages that impart a positive influence.”

The septet is expected to be dressed all in LV in their upcoming comebacks and performances. Aside from their chart-topping music, BTS has quickly become an influential fashion force as well, with entire Reddit threads and Instagram accounts dedicated to their style. While the guys are no stranger to high fashion — they were outfitted in Gucci for their “Dynamite” video, and have sported everything from Dior to Saint Laurent in other appearances — this is the first time they are teaming up officially with a fashion house.

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In a statement, Louis Vuitton’s Men’s Artistic Director, Virgil Abloh says that he spent time with the group to go over creative visions and ideas for the brand, though he stopped short of revealing what exactly the guys have in store. “I am delighted BTS are joining Louis Vuitton today,” Abloh says. “I am looking forward to this wonderful partnership which adds a modern chapter to the House, merging luxury and contemporary culture. I can’t wait to share all the very exciting projects we are working on.”

South Korean actor Lee Min Ho was also seen featured on LV’s Instagram page recently.

The BTS Meal

McDonald’s has announced a new BTS meal, in collaboration with the seven-member K-Pop band. K-Pop sensation BTS is a well-known name in the music industry today. The 7-member band has a raging fan following across the globe. Their latest superhit track includes ‘Dynamite’, which shattered a number of records within a day of its release in 2020. And now, they are planning to launch a brand new meal to take their stardom to the next level. Fast-food giant McDonald’s took everyone by surprise by announcing a collaboration with the Korean stars. The ‘BTS meal’ was announced by the burger joint on Twitter, and fans could not keep calm.

What will the BTS meal include?

McDonald’s Corp.  took to Twitter on Monday morning to announce the upcoming BTS meal, a menu collaboration with the Grammy-nominated boy band. The meal will include a 10-piece chicken McNuggets, Sweet Chili and Cajun dipping sauces, which are inspired by the McDonald’s menu in South Korea, a medium-sized Coca-Cola and medium-sized French fries.

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