‘You Quiz On The Block’ ft BTS: Highest ratings thanks to BTS, Army performs for BTS

BTS members graced tvN’s much-loved variety show, You Quiz On The Block on the 99th episode of the show. The boys perform their hit songs, meet an army after a whole year, and joke around as they answer questions.

BTS ON YOU QUIZ: The ‘dancing star’ ARMY

BTS members finally met the ARMY who went viral for her amazing cover of BTS’ Mic Drop and Dynamite. The boys were genuinely happy to meet an ARMY in person, after months of lockdown. Highschool student army Kim Jung Hyun was sassy and confident while she danced and performed in front of the members and even shot finger hearts at them. BTS were delighted and surprised, they couldnt stop laughing the entire time. Known as the ‘BTS High School Student,’ Kim Jung Hyun went viral after she was caught on camera dancing to BTS’ “MIC Drop” choreography, and she showed the group her moves in person.

YOU QUIZ SHOW: Taehyung gifted a pillow to the ARMY

The boys were so fond of her after her performance and silly antics, taehyung actually presented his gifted ‘chicken leg pillow’ to her.

BTS talked about their Struggle with Agency at YOU QUIZ SHOW

The boys talked about their struggles and all that they had overcome on the YOU QUIZ SHOW, including coming from a small agency that was on the verge of considering not debuting its trainees due to financial issues. They looked back on the pressures of their trainee days, which was like a survival stage each month.

They recalled the ups and downs of living in a small apartment where they wrangled over sharing bunk beds and “there were so many shoes” due to the large number of trainees. They could rarely meet their families and life was a tough cycle of school, training and a few hours of sleep. They practiced for over 16 hours a day (they still do, actually) and did everything they could to please army. Their company, BIGHIT, is the biggest entertainment country in Korea right now, all thanks to BTS.

BTS also played several games like MAFIA, and sang their hit songs but with the ir parts switched! the rappers had to sing the vocal’s parts and vice versa. They talked about how much army meant to them and expressed their gratitude for the show as they’ve been fans of it for a long time.

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