BREAKING: BTS’ “Permission To Dance” banned in Seoul gyms, here’s why BTS’ latest English track is banned in South Korean Gyms

bts new song banned in seoul

The brand new BTS track “Permission to Dance” along with other Kpop hits like drunk -dazed by Enhypen, are being banned from being played in gyms in Seoul, South Korea. Read on to know why BTS’ latest English track is being banned from the gyms of the South Korean capital.

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BTS might have gifted us with “Permission to Dance”, however there’s no permission to exercise to the tune in gyms in Seoul, the South Korean capital. In addition to the cutting-edge reviews, the brand new BTS track together with other K-pop hits such as drunk-dazed by Enhypen, are being banned from being played in gyms in Seoul.

Government agrees with that exercising out to fast-paced tunes with over 120 beats in a minute ought to pose a threat, in particular throughout the workout routines. Other than the tunes being played in gyms, government have additionally capped the highest treadmill speed at 6 km/h. Apparently, these techniques are to prevent human beings at the gym from breathing too fast or splashing sweat on others, and therefore stopping virus from spreading.

Fitness center owners are disgruntled with this modification. Kang hyun ku, the proprietor of a gym in Seoul told a source “my biggest question is whether or not playing classical song or BTS songs has demonstrated to have any effect on spreading the virus.”

The town’s fitness officials say that they tested several viewpoints before going out to ban songs with greater than a hundred and twenty beats in a minute. Meanwhile, president Moon Jae In has apologised to residents and asked them to bear with him.

Gymnasium contributors commonly bring their own headphones and music gadgets, which leave owners without any choice to manipulate their workout pace. The good information is that BTS’ Butter and Blackpink’s Rose’s On the Ground, which top the billboard right now, are not part of the list of banned tracks.

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