BTS Post A Cryptic Message On Twitter, Fans Flood In Speculations For The Track List For Muster Fan Meet 2021

muster 2021 bts tracklist speculations are out

Kpop septet BTS are moving towards their 2021 Muster Fan Meeting and fans are on their feet solving theories and making speculations about the cryptic messages and hints dropped on the group’s official Twitter account. Every time the group posts something Armys get into making something out of the supposed clue. A few days back Armys made BTS 160507 trend on twitter because of a fan theory about the songs the boys will be performing during the online concert.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic has made millions of fans see their idols just through a screen digitally and virtually, the artists are making sure that the online meets seem as real they could be. Big Hit entertainment released a clue about the 2021 BTS Festa song setlist. The Festa also marks 8 years of BTS as a band.

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Check out BTS’ new hint about the festa 2021

BTS recently made their HUGE comeback with an all English track called “Butter”. The song has set a huge number of records since it’s release, having amassed 10 million views in just 13 minutes. The song also made BTS achieve their highest debut on the billboard music charts for Pop Songs Radio Airplay. Butter now hold the number one position on the billboard charts, breaking records yet again with the number one singles, while Dynamite becomes the fastest music video to hit 1.1 billion views on YouTube.

Amidst these fan made theories about the track list, some fans were busy making the timeline crack up with memes with the hashtag “Ed Sheeran Best Boy” right after BTS’ interview with Sakshama Srivastava came out.

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Check out some of the tweets by ARMYs

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