BTS Universe: Introduction to the brilliantly dark and intriguing storylines

The BTS Universe, (often shortened to BU) also initially known as the HYYH series, is a shared fictional universe that is centered on a series of music videos, short films, books, webtoons, mobile games, visual novel, and theory notebooks independently produced by BTS and BigHit. Due to the immense worldwide popularity HYYH gained, the storyline was then continued throughout several albums and years.

The entire storyline is insane with several dark scenes and repeatedly sad endings in all the alternate universes within the story. the entire thing is executed with brilliance, every tiny detail connecting to another important clue across entire albums.


One of the first things fans learn about BTS is that they don’t mess around when it comes to their music videos. Not only are the visuals stunning and the fact that they rarely use CGI, even for the most impossible sets, is beyond amazing.

You can often find random words somewhere in the music video, maybe on a wall behind one of the boys, or stitched on a sleeve-literally anywhere- and that word could be a huge hint to the BU storyline or even the name of the album they plan to release NEXT year.

As the army starts to piece together the music videos and all the other content they release, they begin to realize that many of those connections in the most unusual ways. And if you see certain scenes of symbols repeating in the music videos, that’s because the story involves time travel and there are several scenes that have existed in alternate universes or timelines.

As of now, there are around 22 official videos that play a huge role in explaining the timeline. It starts with their HYYH album, although hints do the storyline can be found all the way back in 2013, from their debut song NO MORE DREAM.

HYYH is a BTS concept which stands for “Hwa Yong Yeon Hwa” (Hangul: 화양연화). It means the most beautiful or happiest time of one’s life. This is ironic since the album has the most painful storyline ever, and even the music video shows all the boys as lost or even close to dying.

The timeline stretches from HYYH to WINGS to YOU NEVER WALK ALONE to LOVE YOURSELF SERIES (including LY tear, LY answer, etc.). All these albums released music videos and even highlight reels to help fans understand the storyline and theories better. they even took inspiration from famous works of literature such as DEMIAN and THE ONES WHO WALK AWAY FROM OMELAS.

the dark story of OMELAS in bts’s music video ‘Spring Day’


To give a rough idea of how the storyline is, Hoseok is abandoned by his mother at a very young age, at an amusement park with nothing but a snickers chocolate bar. Taehyung’s father starts to abuse him and his sister, and he later murders his own father. Jimin has a very traumatizing experience at the age of eight at the Flower Arboretum and is hospitalized.

Jungkook’s dad abandons him and later, the kid almost falls into a sinkhole. Yoongi has a hard life with his parents and his passion for music and ends up setting his piano on fire. Years later (or maybe in a completely different universe) his house catches on fire and his mother kills herself. Namjoon’s phone seems to keep ringing in all universes and almost every single time, he never manages to pick it up- resulting in tragedy as it was always Taehyung calling for help.

Taehyung also ends up jumping into the ocean (he lives in one universe but doesn’t in another.). Jimin is also seen crying in a tub full of water, where he then burns some flowers- the same Smeraldo flowers that Seokjin keeps with himself. All of this is just a little peak into the BTS universe!

WINGS short film: LIE (a peak into Jimin’s story in which he ends up in the mental hospital due to part trauma and hallucinates his best friend.)

Seokjin is the one whose story seems to link with all of the others. He’s the one who time travels back and forth, the one who has to save all of the boys (which he never does), and is always forced to either watch them disappear one by one or disappear himself.

Since there are several timelines, uncountable universes, and too many conflicting and parallel scenes, it is during the WINGS era, that the complex storyline gets even harder to keep track of. Jimin and Hoseok end up at the hospital together, but in a different universe, Jimin is only hallucinating Hoseok to be with him. Hoseok is often seen surrounded by chocolate bars such as the one his mother left with him.

Taehyung and Namjoon were supposed to keep each other safe. Jungkook keeps having nightmares about wings and scary children. He is also the one who manages to pull Yoongi out of the fire. Jungkook gets hit by Jin’s car (which was actually meant for Yoongi in another universe).

In a certain universe, all the girls that the boys loved died or left them in tragic ways ( highlight reels). and in the highlight reels, Jungkoook is seen in a wheelchair. sometimes in one video at a certain second, one of them would say the other’s name, and at the exact same second, in another video, the mentioned boy would react. It’s a genius way to show overlapping yet parallel storylines and links.

The most interesting videos of theirs (according to me) are of the WINGS and TEAR albums. Those videos really bring out the dark and bleak parts of the storyline.

In the BLOOD SWEAT AND TEARS video, a whole new storyline is seen, in which Jin seems to be the one controlling all the other boys but then Taehyung comes along (he may be the devil) with huge black wings protruding out of his back, and covers jin’s eyes. Its speculated that Taehyung is the reason why none of the boys ever reach a happy end. In another storyline, Tae guesses that Jin knows a lot more about them than he lets on, and that leads to distrust spreading in the group.



For those who want to learn even more about the BU, it’s essential that you watch their ‘FAKE LOVE’ music video, along with their highlight reels. Every album released ‘NOTES’ that gave hints on certain events that happened in certain universes. The BU content was recognized all over the world, and it intrigued people who weren’t even fans of BTS.

The later released webtoons and phone games only added excitement in figuring out more hidden clues to the story. a Korean Television drama based on the entire storyline may be released In the following years as well.

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