BTS x Coldplay: BTS And Coldplay Drop New Teaser & Release Schedule For Collab Single “My Universe”

bts and coldplay dropped new schedule and teaser for my universe

Coldplay has confirmed their new collaboration with Kpop giant BTS! Give them a preview of a track called “My Universe”. One of their collections “My Universe” was written and edited by Coldplay and BTS and was written by author Max Martin. Read on to know more about the new project the bands have coming up.

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Earlier this month, the artists COLDPLAY and BTS announced that they would be collaborating on a new song to be released by acclaimed actor Max Martin. Under the heading “My Universe,” this joint wedding will take place on September 24 at 1 p.m. KST (midnight ET). The song has English and Korean lyrics. Only shared on TikTok, preview videos show BTS members and Chris Martin singing “My Universe” together in the studio.

Depending on the purchase details, “My Universe” will be available as a two-coded CD, and the internal cover will include Coldplay and BTS audio production manually. (Both of these tracks are “My Universe” and the instrumental version.)

Atlantic Records has now shared a program that reveals what fans can expect next week. Following the release of “My Universe” and the official lyric video for the song on September 24, BTS and Coldplay will also release a documentary entitled “Inside My Universe” on September 26 at 9 p.m. KST.

Two more versions of “My Universe” – “Supernova 7 Mix” and acoustic version – will follow on September 27 at 8 a.m. KST. Finally, the official music video for this song will be released later. Watch the teaser preview Coldplay dropped for “My Universe” below.

BTS’ Jimin Made a Big Donation To Polio Patients

It was boldly revealed that Jimin had made a generous contribution to the Rotary 3590 Region. According to the organization, Jimin donated 100 million won (approximately $ 84,573) in July 2021. The donation was made under his father’s name, and he was given a fundraising campaign aimed at creating an anti-polio vaccine.

The fundraisers will be unveiled on October 24, which is World Polio Day. The annual festival was established by Rotary International in celebration of Jonas Salk, the founder of the polio vaccine.

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