BTS Zombie AU : Remember the BTS Outcast AU? Now it’s time for #BTSZombieAu

BTS Zombie AU : If you log onto twitter today, you’ll probably see some really confusing tweets about BTS and zombies. An army has created an interactive Zombie  BTS AU and everyone is obsessed with it. Armys are participating in the interactive alternative universe (BTS AU) that occurs during the BTS concert in Wembley with thousands of armys stuck in the stadium while zombies multiply outside the doors and BTS are acting suspiciously.

BTS Outcast AU Story

This isn’t the first time an army has made it to the news with a bts au. A few years ago an army @fictaus created the biggest bts au ever seen on army stan twitter. The bts au is known as OUTCAST. Every poll had more than thousands of votes, and for weeks all the armys were creating group chats, having hour long discussions to figure out clues, hints to keep the fictional BTS boys alive and also find out the killer. The bts au turned into a YouTube series and is still talked about.


Another famous bts au is the DORA THE EXPLORER X BTS. This one was scary as well but it was just as bizarre with creepy videos, real accounts that did weird stuff to the armys trying to figure out who the culprit it etc. And the most recent one was called THE SILENT ONE AU, which i personally love the most. it was devastating, really anxiety-provoking and very cleverly made.

What is BTS Zombie AU?

Similarly, this zombie bts au is freakishly genius with its polls, cleverly hidden hints and a deadline to figure out who the culprit is ( it can even be one of bts). Some armys unfortunately took the bts au too far and even commented unusual things under bts’s recent twitter posts. An au should remain as an au, and this is something that people sometimes seem to forget.

If you want to join in on the chaos and try to figure out who the culprit is in the zombie bts au, click here :

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