#BTSis7: Fans tweet ‘BTS is 7’ as Louis Vuitton uploaded a promotional video without featuring V

bts for louis vuitton

BTS enthusiasts and fans, collectively known as ARMY have taken to social media to explicit their dissatisfaction as Louis Vuitton accidentally left V aka Kim Taehyung in a brief video for the fall /winter 2021 series by the luxury brand.

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BTS has been Louis Vuitton’s international ambassador since last April and participated in the luxury brand’s fashion show in Seoul, South Korea. The video of the occasion and the pictures had been released for the fall /winter weather 2021 collection and have attracted numerous fans from all around the world.
However armys have been disillusioned when the luxurious brand published a short promotional video of the fashion show on July 8. This dissatisfaction came into be due to the fact that this promotional video left a member-V.

Since then, ARMYS have started to trend the hashtag ‘bts is 7’ on twitter as they preserve to request that a scheduled version of the video should be uploaded. Many enthusiasts are very disillusioned due to the fact this isn’t the very first time a member has been by chance neglected in a promotional video. Consequently, many fans have expressed their deep disappointment on social media with the message that ‘bts is 7’.

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BTS x LouisVuitton

The septet BTS featured in Louis Vuitton’s fashion show in Seoul, the South Korean capital. The news came out on July 5, 2021. BTS shared a preview of the the seven boys team modelling, this preview got the fans on their feet to tweet about the Boys’ new project.

The fashion show was streamed live on July 7th, 3:30 pm IST. BTS sent reminders of the fashion show to the ones who like their announcement tweet. This marks the group’s official runway debut ahead of their new release, ‘Permission to Dance’. The new track is written by singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran, came out on July 9.

#BTSis7: Some of the Tweets Made By Fans

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