Conan Gray Teases New Song, Possible Collab with Olivia Rodrigo or BTS?

Conan Gray Teases New Song, Possible Collab with Olivia Rodrigo or BTS?

Singer Conan Gray posted a little teaser to his new song that is dropping next week! There have been a lot of speculations about possible collaborations on this new track and fans have been excitedly dropping guesses on the same.


Conan Lee Gray is an American singer-songwriter and social media personality. He started out uploading vlogs, covers, and original songs to YouTube as a teenager and then went on to sign a record deal with Republic Records in 2018, where he released his debut EP Sunset Season. He’s had a steady fame growth which then peaked when BTS V mentioned him and played his song during alive.

Back in May ‘20, the rising pop star retweeted a video of the BTS singer -Kim Taehyung – listening to his song “The Other Side,” and V responded by happily suggesting they record a song together. (“I would love to…I adore y’all !!” Gray responded at the time, and the two even made it official by following one another on the platform.

Fans of both artists speculated that they might get the news of a collab soon, but saw no other real interactions afterward. Although they still follow each other and have mentioned each other’s names here and there, Armys think a collab may not be in the works for real. BTS usually likes to surprise fans with collaborations with no hints and previous announcements so.

Another artist interacting with Conan Gray a lot is Olivia Rodrigo, the singer whose song ‘Drivers License’ turned into a massive hit on all the platforms. They’ve both been gushing over Taylor Swift and her new album. Fans keep tweeting about wanting Conan Gray to collab with the latter.

The teaser Conan Gray posted shows him standing with a girl while a soft number plays in the background. Knowing how melodious his songs usually are, it might be a post-valentines song meant to tug at the fans’ heartstrings!

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