“I’m scared of you” Friends star Courteney Cox reveals why she is scared of famous television host Ellen DeGeneres. Check out the full story here!

Courteney Cox reveals why she's afraid of Ellen DeGeneras.

Famous television show FRIENDS star Monica Geller aka Courteney Cox revealed in an interview why she is afraid of the famous American comedian and television host Ellen DeGeneras.

Courteney, during the talk show with Ellen DeGeneras, disclosed that she scares people not just on the show, but everywhere she goes. The Friends star also revealed how she loved their vacation together on Brando Island, where she had some really incredible memories, out of which, her favourite memory was just seeing Ellen and the people she was going to scare that day.

Courteney Cox is scared of Ellen DeGeneras

Friends star Courteney Cox, famous by the name of Monica Geller, revealed during the talk show with Ellen DeGeneras, why she is so scared of the famous American comedian and television host Ellen. She disclosed about their vacation together on the Island named Brando and also talked about her favourite memory there.

Courteney revealed, “And one of my favourite memory was just seeing who all you were gonna scare that day. So you think that she just scares on the show, Uh-huh. You scare on the most-we’re all there to relax. It’s the most expensive vacation.

The famous television star further said that vacations are supposed to be chill and relaxing, and all Ellen did was scare her out there. She said, “All you want to do is just chill and nothing was sacred. There was not a moment.” The actress further revealed how Ellen scared her and the most of the people during that vacation.

She said, “I mean, she would hide behind the curtains in your place where you’re staying. Poor Cameron.” She further disclosed that Ellen also scared her in the pool when she was with Amanda.

Watch the full interview of Courteney Cox with Ellen DeGeneras here:

Fans and admirers of one of the most loved and renowned television actress Courteney Cox dropped hilarious comments in the comment section of the video and her expressed their infinite love for her. Courteney Cox is an active social media user and has a huge number of fan following, where she entertains her fans and admirers by sharing some really incredible and hilarious posts.

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