Delhi Crime: Winner of Best Drama Series At The International Emmy Awards 2020

Delhi Crime: Winner of Best Drama Series At The International Emmy Awards 2020

Delhi Crime, a web series based on an extremely disturbing crime that took place in Delhi achieved international recognition last week.

November 23, 2020, was yet another victory for India. Delhi Crime among eleven other drama series won the award for Best Drama Series at the International Emmy Awards 2020.

The award not only brought the team immense pleasure but also a sense of satisfaction that their efforts to put light on the dark side of our society could achieve recognition on such a big scale. In an interview with the city editor of Hindustan Times, Shefali Shah, Rajesh Tailang, and Richie Mehta expressed what they felt during the award ceremony.

Well, it was quite deserving because when crimes are brought to people’s notice there is a need for clarity. Apparently nowadays clarity has merely become a demand having absolutely no means through which it can be fulfilled. On the other hand, when privileged individuals choose the right platforms to provide clarity among ordinary people who are equally vulnerable to those crimes, it becomes necessary to appreciate their efforts.

Shefali Shah however claimed that she was confident about this victory. After all the efforts she and her co-actors had put in she could proudly say that they gave their best. Her confidence was justifiable.

Delhi Crime: The Best Drama Series

Living the horrible moments that we just heard about in 2012 could definitely have been a challenging task. But this is exactly why this web series outstood others.

It’s been years since the Nirbhaya rape case but feels like it happened yesterday. One can clearly hear the voices of those who protested as if it happened to their sister, daughter, or mother, even today. Technically it did. A single crime shook the entire nation and the impacts were everlasting.

Clarity as I mentioned above in case of crimes is extremely important. For ordinary people like you and me, Constitution and Laws are a solution to everything. But what leads us to find solutions is the problem. And we need to know it in order to solve it.

Delhi Crime focused on finding the problem as well as the loopholes in our system to help people understand the intensity of crimes through victims’ perspectives. It aimed at pointing out the reasons that lead to the repetition of crimes in our country.

No doubt it is too disturbing when you actually watch it but that’s the reality everyone runs away from. Entertainment platforms are surely a source of escapism but someone or the other will have to show you the mirror.

We were familiar with almost everything we witnessed in Delhi Crime. But the integrity of the messages which were conveyed through the show was of utter significance. The officers who did the right thing were more than just actors playing their roles. They were a ray of hope in the lives of those who feel exhausted and helpless while fighting for justice.

Team members react to the victory

In an interview with Barkha Dutt among others, Shefali called this victory a life-changing moment in her acting career. Richie on the other hand explains how it all started. He said that he could never relate to the victimization aspect of the entire issue. He could only empathize yet he decided to do it.

The team believes it was more than just a victory. It was inclined to change people’s approach towards everything associated with such cases that can shake the entire nation. And to most extent, the expectations were outlived.

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