Demi Lovato dancing with the devil: When does the episode 4 of dancing with the devil come out on YouTube?

Demi Lovato's 4th episode of Dancing with the Devil

After Demi Lovato’s 3rd episode of ‘Dancing with the Devil’ titled ‘reclaiming power’ created hype all over the social media and YouTube, fans are awaiting for the the 4th episode of the same franchise, which will premier on YouTube at 12:30 a.m. IST, 7 April and according to the ET, the episode premiered at 3:00 p.m for free, on YouTube.

Currently, the first three episodes are streaming free on YouTube and has received a positive response from the audience, with views in millions. Fans are awaiting for the 4th episode of Lovato’s, for which only 2 hours are left, according to the IST.

When will Demi Lovato’s 4th episode of ‘Dancing with the Devil’ premier on YouTube?

Fans can’t keep calm as Demi Lovato’s 4th episode of ‘Dancing with the Devil’ will premier on YouTube in 2 hours, i.e. 12:30 A.M, April 7, according to the IST. However, according to ET, the episode is already streaming for free on YouTube and has been receiving a positive response.

The 4th episode of Demi Lovato’s documentary is titled ‘rebirthing’, which will be premiering on YouTube in 2 hours.

How many episodes are there in Lovato’s documentary?

Demi Lovato’s documentary titled ‘Dancing with the Devil’ consists of 4 episodes, first being released on March 24, 2021, which has already received more than 10 Million views and more than 298k likes. The 3rd seaon of Lovato’s documentary created hype all over the internet and it was since then that the fans are awaiting for the 4th episode.

Watch the 3rd season of Lovato’s ‘Dancing with the Devil’ here:

Where to watch Demi Lovato’s documentary other than YouTube?

Unfortunately, Demi Lovato’s documentary titled ‘Dancing with the Devil’ is not premiering on any other streaming platforms like Netflix or Hulu. However, thankfully, the documentary is premiering for free on YouTube and won’t be available on any other platform.

Do we need to subscribe for watching Demi Lovato’s documentary?

Nope. Demi Lovato’s documentary, consisting of all 4 episodes is streaming for free on YouTube. You don’t need to subscribe in order to watch Lovato’s documentary.

About Demi Lovato’s documentary

Demi Lovato: Dancing with the Devil is a 2021 documentary series, about the life and career of American singer, songwriter, and actress Demi Lovato. The series was announced by YouTube in June 2020, saying that it would “showcase the singer’s personal and professional journey over the last three years”. Michael D. Ratner was announced as director the same day. 

In January 2021, Lovato shared the title of the series in a social media post, exclaiming that “there has been so much that I’ve wanted to say” and she felt that this was the right way of doing so.

And now, fans can’t keep calm as the 4th episode of Lovato’s documentary is premiering on YouTube in only 2 hours.

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