Did Rafael Nadal Get Married Again? Nadal’s Latest Facebook Update Surprises His Fans

Rafael Nadal

Up until now, fans believed that Rafael Nadal got married back in 2019. However, his recent Facebook update suggests otherwise.

The ace tennis star gave his fans a surprise when he shared a “Got Married” post on the social networking site; two years after he actually had gotten married. In the “About” section on Nadal’s Facebook page, an update says, “Married since October 2019″.

Fan Reactions to Nadal’s FB update

This resulted in fans asking various questions and making jokes on his post, and many wondered why the tennis player took so long to update his Facebook page. Many of them even congratulated him, and were happy for him.

A user wrote, “Congratulations but couldn’t imagine he’d be getting married in the middle of the French open.” To this, others responded by proving that Nadal had been married since the year 2019. “No he didn’t. It was ages ago now,” said another.

Many others were also confused with the update. “Congratulations but confused. His wiki page says he got married in October 2019,” wrote one fan.

Another said, “This can’t be right as I remember seeing the photos of their 2019 wedding!”

“A Special Congratulations To All of You Who Know: Rafael Nadal has been married to Xisca Perello since October 2019….,” expressed another.

We guess we can all just simply assume that his Facebook page was about..two years late in updating his relationship status. Congratulations to him either way!

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French Open 2021

Nadal is chasing a record-breaking 21st Grand Slam as he moved into the fourth round of Roland Garros 2021. He is at level with Federer with 20 Grand Slam titles, 13 of which are French Open wins. The third-seeded Spaniard now holds a record in French Open with 103 wins against only two losses since his debut in 2005.

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