THE SCAM: Did you Know Author Sucheta Dalal and Debashis Basu Signed the Deal to the Show SCAM 1992 on Twitter?

THE SCAM: Did you Know Author Sucheta Dalal and Debashis Basu Signed the Deal to the Show SCAM 1992 on Twitter?

THE SCAM: What’s most appealing about the financial scams in India is there impact on the Economy is not readily visible. Money is air, flows freely but a stormy wind once a while can sweep the whole lot. The scam does not mortally hurt the nation’s economy but also takes away the reputation.

With that in knowledge, what goes in the mind of the people with white-collar crimes of large magnitude is quite intriguing and the nation would admire them as a role-model until busted.

Bernie Madoff Scam 1992
Bernie Madoff

Mark the Date Feb 19, 2018. Producer of the show Mr. Sameer Nair The Scam 1992, finished this book and started a butterfly effect! Mic Drop!!

Sameer Nair Scam 1992
Sameer Nair

This followed a reply from, author Sucheta Dalal and stirred the pot further

Sucheta Dalal Scam 1992
Sucheta Dalal

As it goes, all famous multi-billion On-screen stories were once captured on paper by the authors. Controversial history stories anyway sell like cigarettes and Pan. What if someone was to make a web-series on Babri masjid Demolition? ah, what say?

So first crossing, where things took turns. Online pitching. Wish I could get an investment like that for my business !! XD

And just like that, the Jury was in on the idea, and the next thing we know! Can I just say Nair, subtle hint of Applause Entertainment is OG here?

WHATT, this is all happening online and out-in-open on Twitter way back in 2018 February. Suchita and Debashis were in on the Idea, who wouldn’t be.

Robert Vadra pushes mic away, asks

So far so good, in a matter of minutes, it looks like a done deal.

Okay, well the hammer stuck the nail hard and looks like we have a deal.

And then there was none within a matter of minutes the deal was done and go over Twitter.

Having watched this show, I can totally root for this, Harshad Mehta has always been an intriguing personality, as a 90’s kid I remember having heard is name come up now and then. But Applause Entertainment hit a six so hard, it went out the stadium.

With the reach and popularity of the show SCAM, it is Sonyliv’s moment of what Narcos was to Netflix!!

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