Disagreement between Kakao M and Spotify causes K-Pop songs to be removed: Seventeen, Mamamoo, IU, LOONA, and many more affected

Kakao M, Spotify
Disagreement between Kakao M and Spotify: There has been a disagreement between Kakao M and Spotify, and all K-pop songs that were distributed by Kakao M have been as of now removed from Spotify. These include an album of boy band Seventeen, songs by solo artist IU, and music by other bands like Monsta X, A pink, Mamamoo, LOONA, and many more.

Kakao M is one of the biggest music distributors in Korea and is responsible for the distribution of many songs on Spotify by K-pop artists. By having a disagreement with Spotify and pulling back all their songs from the international music app, the artists of those songs will be affected greatly, not to mention their fans who are absolutely not happy about the fact that their favourite songs got removed. About 120 million playlists that were made, consisting of songs by these artists, have also been deleted.

Spotify recently launched in Korea for the first time, which led to a rapid increase in streams

Recently, Spotify has finally launched in South Korea

Spotify said that South Korea was a “critical next step” in its global expansion as the sixth-largest music market in the world, and the home of global phenomena K-Pop. In just a day, streams and followers have drastically increased as dedicated Korean fans get excited about finally being able to listen to their fave artists on Spotify.

It hasn’t even been that long that Spotify was made available in Korean, and now that Korean fans finally had a good access to K-pop music, most of them got removed due to this situation. Some of IU’s music was not available after the launch as well, which led to fans being heavily disappointed, and now, even the few songs that she had have been removed.

BTS had recently ended their contract with Kakao M, so their music was safe from the beef. However, two very famous BTS collabs done with IU and Younha, titled ‘Eight’ and ‘Winter Flower’ respectively, have been removed.

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Fans took to twitter to show how displeased and annoyed they are at this situation, and are demanding Kakao M and Spotify to resolve their issues and bring back the songs of these K-pop artists, because at the end, the victims of this ‘disagreement’, are going to be the artists who worked hard on their music and their fans. ‘Spotify’ and ‘Kakao M’ have been trending on Twitter, with ‘spotify’ being top on ‘Worldwide trends’, with about one million tweets.

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