Ellen DeGeneres Birthday Special 2021: Top 5 ‘Funniest’ Pranks on Celebrities

Ellen DeGeneres Birthday Special 2021: Top 5 'Funniest' Pranks on Celebrities

Ellen DeGeneres Birthday Special: The famous American comedian and talk-show host, Ellen Lee DeGeneres, turned 63-years old on January 26. She is hilarious and leaves her audience cackling on the show. The Ellen DeGeneres show first was aired in 2003 and has since then hosted countless celebrities, varying from all kinds of work-fields, in over 18 seasons on television so far.

Ellen is not only a famous talk show host but has also had various other achievements. She has written four books, launched her own records company named Eleveneleven, a production company named ‘A Very Good Production’, and a lifestyle brand ED Ellen DeGeneres which markets a collection of apparel, baby, and pet items. She also became quite a strong personality in 1997, when she came out as a lesbian on The Oprah Winfrey Show, and has since supported and been associated with several organizations and programs for LGBTQ+ related issues.

Ellen is also known to prank her guests really well, in different ways. Despite scaring her guests countless times on the show, they still fall for it, and it is absolutely hilarious to watch. To celebrate her 63rd birthday, here are the 5 best pranks from her show, ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’:


Scaring Sarah Paulson

Sarah Paulson has been on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ several times, and Ellen has made sure to give her a good scare each time she comes. Honestly, it’s crazy how Paulson still falls for her pranks each and every time she comes as a guest and ends up screaming, but it’s hilarious to watch nonetheless. It gets funnier each time.


Sending Andy to Haunted Houses

Every year around Halloween, Ellen makes her producer Andy go to a haunted house, and it is the funniest thing ever. In this episode, she sends his assistant Jacqueline with him as we see the hilarious events transpire. Five minutes of Andy and Jacqueline getting scared inside the Haunted House really is entertaining to watch.


Harry Styles’ Hidden Camera prank on Pizza Delivery guy

This was one of the pranks where the celebrity has to wear an earpiece through which they can hear Ellen, and they have to say and do everything she tells them to. Watch how absolutely hilarious it is to see Harry Styles get so embarrassed as he converses with the Pizza Delivery guy while repeating everything Ellen says, and Ellen really did not leave any room for him to escape the embarrassment in that moment.


Throwing Alison Sweeney in the pile of Jenga blocks

Ellen played a game of Jenga with her guest Alison Sweeney, and it was not our basic Jenga. They had to play the game with much much larger blocks, that reached even higher than one’s average height, as they tried to keep the huge pile from falling. Just as Sweeney went to place a block on top *gasp*, Ellen pushed her into the whole pile and we watch as Alison collapses into a mess of Jenga blocks. Best game of Jenga ever, indeed.


Ellen scared Taylor Swift in the bathroom

Taylor Swift has been on Ellen’s show so many times, that she just had to make it to the list of top pranks. Back in 2010, Ellen really did give Taylor a good scare as she hid in the bathroom to jump on Swift! Poor 21-year old Taylor Swift fell right on the floor.


Ellen’s prank really does leave the audience constantly laughing, and her scares never get old. We hope that she brings us more funny content as she keeps pranking and scaring her celebrity guests!

We TheSillyTV team, wish you a very Happy Birthday Ellen DeGeneres. Have a safe and healthy life. Thank you for entertaining us since 2003 and for countless funny moments. You’re the Best!

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