Elon Musk’s reaction after watching Godzilla vs Kong? “Most insane movie I’ve ever seen!”, Elon Musk fanboys over ‘Godzilla vs Kong’ on Twitter

Elon Musk and Godzilla vs Kong

Multi-billionaire Elon Musk has taken to Twitter to fanboy about the recent blockbuster movie ‘Godzilla vs Kong’. “Godzilla vs Kong is so amaze much wow! Most insane movie I’ve ever seen! Love letter to conspiracy theorists! And yet heartwarming in the end.”, he wrote on Twitter.

Tesla owner Elon Musk is pretty active on twitter to let people know of his opinion on things. From talking about crypto currency, to talking about his goals, to sharing memes- Musk does it all. Any slight mention of a crypto currency done by Musk will result in a surge of investments in that particular crypto- that’s how much power the second richest man in the world holds.

We won’t be shocked if now the sales of ‘Godzilla vs Kong’ go shooting high after Musk decided to praise it in his tweets.

Godzilla vs Kong

The recent 2021 film, Godzilla vs. Kong was a much awaited movie that pits the two most iconic movie monsters of all time against each other. Ever since it’s release on 26th March, “Godzilla vs. Kong” took in an estimated $48.5 million at 3,064 North American cinemas between Wednesday and Sunday. It was the largest turnout (by far) for a movie since the pandemic began. The PG-13 movie collected an additional $236.9 million, including a strong $136 million in China, a market that has lately preferred local movies over imported ones. The movie has not yet opened in other major markets, like Japan and Brazil.

The movie is not exclusively available on theatres. Produced by Legendary Entertainment, it is also available on HBO Max that has a monthly subscription of $15.

Elon Musk investments

Recently, in February, Musk made a whooping investment of $1.5 billion in Bitcoin, which led to a high surge in the value of bitcoins. He is also a huge supporter of Dogecoin.

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