Elvish Yadav and Dhruv Rathee’s ugly fight on Twitter: Nationalist Elvish’s account under siege || Yadav calls Rathee a foreign-based Hypocrite. Read Now

Elvish Yadav VS Dhruv Rathee

Elvish Yadav and Dhruv Rathee’s ugly fight on Twitter: Famous YouTubers Dhruv Rathee and Elvish Yadav are in the midst of an Internet brawl after the latter shared a video while “unveiling” the former. Both YouTubers clashes on Twitter because of their conflicting idealism and personal differences.

Elvish Yadav vs Dhruv Rathee: Now the entire social media has come down in the fight between these two and Membaaz is raining Memes on this occasion too. YouTuber Dhruv Rathee and Elvish Yadav, who have their say on every issue, are currently contending on social media. The entire social media has come down in the controversy that started over a video. Everyone is giving their opinion and meme-makers have created a series of memes.

Elvish Yadav and Dhruv Rathee's ugly fight on Twitter
Dhruv Rathee and Elvish Yadav

Youtube’s hypocrisy comes to fore.

YouTubehas blocked the channel of Nationalist YouTuber Elvish Yadav. Elvish had released a video in the past, revealing the bundle of lies of Dhruv Rathee, another YouTuber living in Germany and an anti-Modi government. Elvish Yadav in his video challenged Rathee by exposing his lies shown in many videos and tweets of Dhruv Rathee. Elvish had said that if Dhruv has the courage, then question his video and show it. This video of Elvish was a huge hit and it was seen by millions of people on his YouTube channel. Now YouTube has blocked Elvish’s channel.

Due to this move of YouTube, it’s hypocrisy has come to the fore. Youtube does not take action against those who spread lies against the government without any evidence, but when nationalists like Elvish Yadav expose the lies of such people, action is taken against them.

Watch Elvish Yadav’s video about Dhruv Rathee.

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Nationalist Elvish Yadav exposes Youtuber Dhruv Rathee, reveals his hypocrisy on every issue

This controversy began when Elvish shared a video “exposing” Dhruv on his channel on July 18, 2021. He blamed Dhruv for his critical approach to the Government of India, chose clips of his videos, and shared comments about them. In the video, he also accused Rathee of manipulating the viewer.

Previously, many YouTubers, including nationalist Elvish Yadav, targeted anti-Modi YouTuber Dhruv Rathee living abroad. In the video, Elvish surrounded Dhruv while portraying his opinions on anti-Modi government issues raised by Dhruv in his videos. This video of Elvish is rocking the social media platform. Dhruv Rathee is constantly criticizing the Modi administration and its policies. Elvish now publishes all the “lies” of Dhruv Rathee in a 16-minute video.

By the way, Dhruv Rathee is also a very famous face on YouTube. Millions of people watch and share his videos. One special thing about Dhruv Rathee is that he calls those who praise the policies of the Modi government ‘Godi media. Now the video of Elvish targeting him is in the discussion. Currently, Elvish Yadav has been trending on Twitter with #elvishwillrise emerging as the second top trend in India.

Here’s how Twitter responded to the video:

Elvish Yadav then revealed his video about Dhruv Rathee got demonetised then they mass reported my channel and boom 1 strike and 7 days ban. Yesh this is how freedom of speech works here. #elvishwillrise

After Elvish Yadav used Twitter to hint that Dhruv Rathee and his fans are behind his video monetization and mass reporting. Dhruv also tweeted and said, “Kal ko constipation hoga tab bhi Dhruv Rathee ko blame karna. If I wanted to take away your video, I would copyright strike it. Trust me, I really want your videos to stay on YouTube so your stupidity is visible to everyone. Learn to take responsiblity for your own content.”

Elvish Yadav has targeted this video fiercely by calling Dhruv Rathee a manipulator

Dhruv Rathee had cited a survey in his video on the issue of forced conversion. Quoting this survey, Rathee claimed that 98 percent of the people living in India never changed their religion. In this video, Dhruv Rathee also claimed that 0.7 percent of Hindus converted their religion, but 0.8 percent of people of other religions also converted to Hinduism. Elvish Yadav has targeted this video fiercely by calling Dhruv Rathee a manipulator. Elvish states in his video that the sample size of the survey referenced by Dhruv is only 30,000. On the other hand, the country’s population is over 135 crore itself.

 Along with this, Elvish also asked the question that why Dhruv Rathee stays silent on issues like triple talaq and halala. He said that why Dhruv is making videos of one-sided news. Whereas, there are many such issues, which have been resolved by the Modi government at the Center and have improved the condition of Muslim women.

Elvish’s challenge to Dhruv

Elvish Yadav challenged Dhruv Rathee through his video saying that if Dhruv is truly Liberal, then why does he not support the Uniform Civil Code. Elvish said that Dhruv Rathee lives in Germany and there is also a law like Uniform Civil Code.

Alleged fake news spreader

In this 16-minute video, Elvish challenges Dhruv in his video, saying that if he plays Dhruv’s videos back and forth, he will be exposed as a fake news spreader. Overall, Elvish Yadav exposed Dhruv Rathee’s pole in this video. Every single video of Dhruv has been done by Elvish, which will make you wonder how people are trying to misinterpret the government’s actions by giving a second turn to the important issues here while sitting abroad.

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