Astro’s Cha Eunwoo and Shin Sung Rok Bid Farewell To “Master in the House” Cast With Handwritten Letters

euwoo master in the house comes to an end

SBS’s reality show “Master in the House” also known as “The butlers” starring Astro’s Cha Eunwoo and Shin Sung Rok has come to an end for the duo who bid farewell to the rest of the cast with handwritten letters. Eunwoo and Sung Rok left the show to focus on their careers in acting and music.

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Eunwoo: The master in the house

“Master in the house” also known as “The butlers” is a very popular South Korean Reality TV show with the concept of a two-days and one night vacation stay for the cast members who are celebrities of Korea. Cha Eunwoo, Shin Song Ruk, kim Dong Hyun, Yang se Hyung and Lee Seung gi were the cast for the show. Now that Eunwoo and Song Ruk are leaving, the cast consists of the rest three artists.

Eunwoo and Sung Rok appeared on their last episode (episode 177) of “Master in the house” which aired on June 20. The final trip of the show for the duo was scheduled on the island of Ulluengdo. The cast gave a very warm farewell to them.

Eunwoo and Sung Rok Bid their farewells

Eunwoo said, “When ASTRO made a comeback, it felt different having the ‘Master in the House’ hyungs around. When I heard their reactions to the song, it caught at my heart. When I go to film this show, I go with the mindset, ‘I’m going to hang out with the hyungs today.’”

Shin Sung Rok added, “I enjoyed meeting the masters, but I also liked just being around the members. I liked working with them and I liked contacting them even when we weren’t working and feeling how close we were. We’re all really busy, but we’re always cheering each other on as if we’re one team. I liked that a lot and it gave me a lot of comfort.”

Eunwoo bid farewell to the cast and the show where he made numerous memories and precious friendships. He concluded with, ““I’ve learned a lot from the masters, but I’ve learned more from the hyungs. The hyungs were my masters. I’m going to keep working hard as Cha Eun Woo and keep moving forward so that I can be a dongsaeng that the hyungs can be proud of. Let’s meet often and I’ll call you often. Even if a new member comes and you get along well, please miss me.”

He also talked about Lee Seung Gi , “Seung Gi hyung, who likes to be praised; Se Hyung hyung, who chooses the menu; Dong Hyun hyung, who gets cold and scared easily; Sung Rok hyung, who seems knowledgeable at times and clumsy at others; I love you all.”

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Cha Eunwoo’s on his work front

Eunwoo is a member of the k-pop boy-group Astro, who recently made their comeback with an album. The title track was called “One” for which they bagged a number of wins at music shows. The members excluding Eunwoo are JinJin, MJ, Sanha, Moonbin and Rocky. Eunwoo was last seen in the super hit KDrama “True Beauty” alongside Moon Ga Young and Hwang In Yeop and will be making his film debut soon alongside Lee Jong Suk who recently completed his military training.

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