Euphoria is one of the most popular and loved shows these days with more and more people joining the fandom. The Zendaya starrer has surprised viewers all around the world with its stunning visuals, acting, storytelling, and of course the makeup and costume of the cast. It is a rollercoaster tale of young people falling in love, sex identification, social media, and abuse in all its aspects, and it is impossible not to fall in love with these amazingly designed characters. But what should you do when you finish the two seasons of the show?

Here’s a compiled list of some books that have left us speechless like Euphoria. These books have dominated the Booktube world because of their unique and stunning plots and storylines.

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Heroine” by Mindy McGinnis

A car crash distances Mickey just before the softball season, and she should now find a way to hold on to her place as the team’s captain who is expected to make a historic debut. Just behind the plate is the only place she can feel comfortable and safe, and the pain pills she is given can help her get there. If you liked Rue’s journey with drug addiction, this is the book for you.

Girl in Pieces” by Kathleen Glasgow

Like Euphoria, Girl in Pieces offers an honest and sad look at sensitive youth issues, including homelessness, sexual abuse, and self-harm.

After losing her father to suicide, being neglected by her mother, and living on the street, 17-year-old Charlie barely survived her suicide attempt but is not sure she can bear it without cutting herself. Her recovery will be long and difficult, but gradually she will gain the strength to re-establish herself.

Perfect” by Ellen Hopkins

Everyone has something, someone, somewhere they would like to be. For four high school seniors, their goals of perfection are different from the way they take to get there.

Cara’s parents’ unreasonable expectations have sent her twin brother Conner closer to suicide. For him, perfection means rejecting their principles of taking advantage of a new kind of love. Kendra wishes for a perfect face and body — no matter what the surgery or drugs she needs to get there. To get his best home run — on and off the field — Sean will sacrifice more than he can ever win. And Andre realizes that in order to follow his heart and achieve his full potential, he will be living a life that his ancestors would never have imagined.

“The Vanishing Season” by Jodi Lynn Anderson

When Maggie’s parents moved her from busy Chicago to a small area, Door County, Wisconsin, she thought she would spend a year studying classics and killing time until she got to college. That plan changes as soon as he meets Pauline and Liam.

Soon the three are inseparable, extending the love between the two best childhood friends so that it fits over them and all of their big dreams. But what begins as a trouble-free year suddenly changes. Someone is killing the teenage girls, and the city is shaking with each new disaster. And as the tension between Maggie, Pauline, and Liam shifts and clashes in irreversible ways, they will all find love and loss holding hands — but only two of them will survive the winter.

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