Euphoria: Are the special episodes from Season 1 of Euphoria important to watch before season two?

euphoria season two

After the first season, HBO MAX’s Euphoria dropped two special episodes. Fans have been waiting for this season since 2019, and here are some things to keep in mind. This year, on January 9 at 9 pm EST, Euphoria, began its second season. The long-awaited show of the season was canceled due to COVID-19 back in March 2020 when the new season was due to be recorded and filmed. Fans have been looking forward to seeing what will happen to Rue and Jules after a special episode that broke everyone’s hearts.

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Did Zendaya warn viewers about Euphoria season two?

One of the most important things to know before watching the second season of Euphoria is that this season (even more than the last one) is “deeply emotional and subject to a topic that can be confusing and difficult to watch,” according to Zendaya. This warning is similar to the one made before the former season, but this season it should be very difficult to watch for sensitive viewers.

Is it important to watch Euphoria Special Episodes?

When Jules leaves Rue at the train station, in order to let her go again, their relationship is far from clear. They are no longer together. Subtitles promo for the second season suggests that there may be a new romantic interest for Rue. So, what will it bring to the second season? Will they get back together? Or is this the last one for Rue and Jules?

Will a character die in Euphoria Season two?

Episode 3 ended with Rue, who had just convinced Laurie to lend her $ 10,000 worth of drugs, so that Rue could afford to buy drugs (reasonable?) – but, really, so Rue could get high on this supply. In the last photo, Rue, after splitting up all parts of her support system throughout the episode, including Ali, Gia, and Jules, takes a piece of fentanyl, a drug that almost really killed her last season.

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