EUPHORIA: How Old Alexa Demie Really Is? Read on to find the Euphoria star’s real age

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As HBO MAX’s show Euphoria is gaining more and more fans with every episode, they are ever more interested in finding out about the actors’ real life. One of those actors is Alexa Demie who plays the role of Maddy Perez. Fans cannot find out how old she really is because no official information regarding her age is available on the internet.

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American actress Alexa Demie became famous for her character Maddy Perez, starring in the HBO youth drama series Euphoria. However, with the arrival of Season 2, the Euphoria cast, starring the youngsters in the series, are once again under the observing eyes of the fans. Fans are back to wondering about Demie’s true age. Alexa Demie was also seen in Mainstream which has Andrew Garfield in the leading role and Waves.


The controversy began in 2019 when fans began speculating Alexa Demie’s true age after no information was found. According to an article in the New York Times in September 2019, Alexa Demi was 24 at the time. However, after the release of Euphoria’s first season and Demie’s growing popularity, some fans suspected that they had captured the picture from the actress’ yearbook.

The photo suggested she graduated in 2008 from John Marshall High School, Los Angeles. Therefore, based on those statistics and if the image is to be trusted, Alexa Demie will be somewhere between 30 and 31 years old.

As soon as her alleged photo spread, many fans began to accuse him of lying about her age. Additionally, people have pointed out that Alexa’s Wikipedia page does not display her age, unlike other actors and celebrities.


Alexa has been in a long-term relationship with her boyfriend Christian Berishaj since 2017. For people who have never heard of Christian yet, he is an American singer and songwriter and when it comes to recording artists, he plays many instruments, music engineering, and music mixing. His stage name is JMSN, and his music can be found on YouTube, Spotify, and more.

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