EUPHORIA: Is Euphoria Similar to the British series “SKINS”?

is euphoria like skins?

Netizens these days are drawing relevant comparisons between HBO MAX’s Zendaya starrer Euphoria and the OG British TV series called “SKINS”. Young television dramas reached a climax in the 2000s. And while some form of television has not yet disappeared — series such as Sex Education, Outer Banks, Gossip Girl re-enactment, and a series of youth-focused series still fuel our desire to be taken to the wonderful life of an adult.

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Focusing on a group of high school classmates – each with their own problems of drug abuse, alcohol, and sex – the HBO drama has drawn its fans into uncontrollable party scenes and shocked adults with a series of young actors who always seem to make the worst decisions.


For seven seasons, the SKINS series have truly captured the complex and confusing lives of young adults. A stunning show of teenagers having sex, drugging, and going to a party, was popular at the time, and rollercoaster romance naturally led big fans to share their favorite online relationships by “posting” actors who wanted to see themselves together on screen.

Skins, however, is famously known for their openness to dealing with thornlike topics, including mental health, eating disorders, substance abuse, sex, and death, while never relying on them as a source of shock. Above all, the Skins understood their audience in a very unusual way and showed us that our problems were as relevant as anyone else’s.


The show “Euphoria” is often compared to the famous British series “Skins.” Like “Euphoria,” “Skins” is colorful and sensual, containing a lot of nudity and all the drugs you can think of. The characters are divided into “generations,” and the new characters take the place of the old every two seasons so that no one becomes too old, or too young.

What makes “Skins” different from not only “Euphoria” but all the other shows, are young adults who show that they are also a laughing stock in society. Although teenagers have real problems with legal poles, the adults around them play cartoons out loud, noting how unreasonable age feels when you are a teenager and how harmful social factors are ignored.

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