EUPHORIA: List of Euphoria-like shows to binge watch as Season 2 nears its end


Since HBO MAX’s Euphoria is coming closer to its end, we definitely need some similar shows to binge on. The Zendaya starring series has attracted a lot of people from different age groups since it shines upon topics we all can relate to. The show focuses on things no one talks about, so here’s a list of shows to binge watch when Euphoria comes to an end.

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If you like Rue’s flexible narrative of “Euphoria,” you might like the in-depth thoughts of Angela Chase (Claire Danes), the protagonist of “My So-Called Life.” The short-lived series chronicles Angela’s second year of high school as she broke up with her friend Sharon and began spending time with Rayanne Graff, a free-spirited addict who lives at home, and Rickie Vasquez, a very rare. -a boy close to a bad upbringing.

Fans of “Euphoria” may also enjoy the 1994 fashion show “My So-Called Life,” as grunge returns in a big way.


The Netflix series “Sex Education” sometimes sounds like a fairy tale. What if you and your high school friends were able to access a sex therapist instead of pop questions about shocking STDs – or, worse, dangerous misconceptions reinforced by self-discipline education?

Thanks to young Otis Milburn, who opened a secret sex counseling service on campus, Moordale Secondary School students are better equipped to have sex than other teens on television – and most teens in real life, for that matter.


The ‘2000s’ series “Degrassi: The Next Generation” and its Netflix resume – loose use of the term, as “Next Class” begins when the 14th season of “Next Generation” leaves and includes most of the same characters.

The program similarly featured episodes related to gender identity, abortion, and mental health. Both series name their episodes by song titles. The big difference is that, unlike “Euphoria,” “Degrassi” students attend their classes.

Everything Sucks

Prior to “Euphoria,” Sydney Sweeney was on the recently canceled Netflix series “Everything Sucks.” To be honest, among these, “I’m Not Okay With This,” ” “Atypical, “Elite,” and our personal favorite, “Never have I ever,” are a ton of good shows for YA Netflix. However, Sweeney’s role and central queer romance made “Everything Sucks” be compared to “Euphoria.”

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