EUPHORIA: What Did Nate Jacobs Do To Jules Vaughn in Euphoria Season 1, Explained

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Nate Jacobs played by Jacob Elordi, is not only one of the most corrupt characters in HBO MAX’s Euphoria, he is one of the most terrifying opponents ever written of all television shows. With great cunning and selfish ways, Nate uses people to get what he wants, which is to control others emotionally and physically. He has a past of doing bad things to people but what he did to Jules Vaughn was absolutely on the top of that list. Read on to know the things Nate has done throughout the two seasons.

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Euphoria, which focuses on the lives of high school students dealing with substance abuse, toxic relationships, and trauma, contributes significantly to the fact that a character like Nate, while scary to watch, is still a potential person in the world. And thinking about something like that is gut-wrenching when you consider all the bad things he has done in the show so far. Nate was introduced in the show as Maddy Perez’s boyfriend, and they broke up later in the show’s first season.


In season 1 of Euphoria, Nate made strenuous efforts to attract Jules (Hunter Schafer). Using Shyguy118’s online identity (or Tyler), he sent various sexually explicit messages and text messages – leading to her dating him online.

The plotline presents many problems. At one point, Nate threatened to report Jules to the police. In addition, Jules’ platonic feelings about Shyguy118 have an impact on her relationship with Rue.

What did Nate do to Cassie?

Season 2 begins with Cassie and Nate interacting, which leads to her falling in love with him and Nate feeling the same way, but in a more powerful way. After the night, Cassie starts dressing differently to get his attention, but nothing comes her way. Their confusing relationship has to be kept a secret because Cassie is Maddy’s best friend, who is Nate’s ex girlfriend.

To put it simply, he has led Cassie to be completely confused because he does not know how she really feels and always mixes her feelings. Not to mention that he continues to meet Cassie at night for weeks without paying attention to her all day at school.

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