EUPHORIA: When will episode 7 of Euphoria season 2 come out? When and where to stream in India

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After the tantalizing episode we saw last week, fans across the world are on their toes to know what will happen further in the series. Rue’s drug addiction and Maddy’s revenge are the most prominent plot lines after what happened in episode 5. Will Rue (Zendaya) arrive home safely? How will she be able to pay for the discarded drugs in the toilet? Can Jules (Hunter Schafer) ever forgive her ex-girlfriend for everything she says? And, perhaps above all else, what will happen to Cassie (Sydney Sweeney) and Maddy (Alexa Demie)? Read on to know what will happen in episode 7 and when and where to stream it.

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EUPHORIA EPISODE 5 & 6 RECAP (Contains Spoilers)

After Rue rats out Cassie to Maddy in episode 5, there seems to be a thirst for blood present among some of the characters. After an entire episode without seeing Nate (Jacob Elordi), the mad creep returns to this new 6th episode. He appears to be visiting Maddy or Cassie, saying he “did not come here to apologize.” Something is wrong. Maddy grabs a notorious CD – with Nate’s father’s recording of him having sex with Jules – while Cassie has trouble betraying her best friend. “They weren’t boyfriend or girlfriend!” Cassie yells at her mother and sister, who seem uninterested in the outburst.


Euphoria airs every Sunday on HBO MAX in the USA but for viewers in India, Euphoria can be streamed on Disney plus Hotstar, at 8:30 AM Indian Standard Time, every Monday. The show is available on the streaming site with English subtitles.

What will Maddy do in the next episode?

Next week’s episode will deal with the consequences of Rue’s action. In the trailer, Maddy plans to take revenge on her best friend for having sex with her ex-boyfriend, saying she may “actually want to kill” Cassie, while she has “few ideas” about Nate.

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