Evermore : Folklore’s Winter Companion



After the surprise release of her eighth studio album in July, Taylor Swift again pleasantly surprised her fans with a new record on very short notice – in this case, evermore, on the eve of its Dec. 11 midnight release.



Taylor Swift dropped the news of her newest album, evermore, some mere months after the release of her full album, folklore, which has 16 songs. Evermore is her ninth album and has 15 tracks along with two bonus tracks. Wow, that girl does not rest when It comes to music.

The folklore- evermore era has been one marked by a spirit of artistic freedom and last-minute surprises. Unbound by controlling third parties, on both albums, she has been able to express herself exactly the way she wanted and played around with sound and texture in a way that feels uncharacteristic of contemporary radio pop.

Evermore seemed to have a not so subtle ‘witchy vibe’ as the fans put it. Much of that speculation comes from the music video for the album’s first single, “Willow,” in which Taylor Swift follows a magical thread through a dark, wintry forest. In one scene, she joins a group of cloaked figures dancing in a circle around a swirl of glowing orbs. And this was fueled even more after the songwriter said that the song “sounds like casting a spell to make someone fall in love with you”. But that’s definitely not the weirdest theory in the music industry, especially not this year.

Evermore is like a companion work to Folklore, or even a sister work as Taylor herself put it and it is an expansion on the themes of that album: it’s cozy and retrospective, dreamy and poetic, and It’s still pop. And it’s really good.

Taylor Swift does not disappoint when it comes to album vibes. While Her previous music like Reputation and Lover were more on the loud and colorful side, Evermore is like a winter companion, songs rendered in pastel shades of lingering sadness and regret.

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