Exclusive BTS Interview with Sakshama Srivastava: All You Need To Know About The Latest Indian Interview With BTS

bts indian interview

BTS Interview with Sakshama Srivastava: BTS Army in India was recently blessed with the teaser of an exclusive interview of BTS with Sakshama Srivastava. The excitement for the exclusive zoom call interview was so intense that it dominated the Twitter trending charts just minutes after the interview was announced and later when the teaser was released. BTS has a huge number of followers from INDIA, so much so that India was the second country with the most streams for their latest single “Butter“, which broke a massive number of records and achievements.

BTS Indian Interview

The teaser was released and fans went crazy over how fun and happy the interview is going to be,. The septet also greeted Indians with a very cute “Namaste” (An Indian way of greeting someone). The interview will be conducted by Sakshama Srivastava, an established interviewer from India. ” “Our prayers are with India. Stay strong ARMY and let’s never lose hope.” said member V.

The zoom call will be conducted on June 5, 2021, on Channels: Times Now and Times Now World at 3:30 PM IST and will be telecasted to be streamed on Zoom, Movies Now, MNX, Romedy Now and MN+ at 4:30 PM IST.

Who Is Sakshama Srivastava?

Sakshama Srivastava is a famous journalist/interviewer from India. She was previously an actor, a TV host and also an ex-Miss India Finalist and was also seen in a tv series called Gumraah- end of innocence. She has an immense interest in kpop and has managed to bring kpop groups like TXT who are managed by entertainment company HYBE labels, home to BTS too, along with TRI.BE from TR Entertainment to talk to her virtually. The 23 year old media personality is currently winning hearts by her venture in to the world of kpop.

Sakshama’s interviews with Kpop celebs

Sakshama interviewed the 4th generation kpop boy band TXT (Tomorrow by Together) and literally won hearts of kpop fans all over India. She is always culture appropriate and has a very fun way to interview the guests. Watch a short clip from her interview with TXT below.

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