EXO Chanyeol’s ‘The Box’ ranks Number 1 at the movie box office, moving ‘Minari’ to the second

EXO Chanyeol’s ‘The Box’ ranks Number 1 at the movie box office, moving ‘Minari’ to the second

Jo Dal Hwan and Chanyeol’s movie took the Number 1 place on the day of its release with 22,9274 movie-goers. Read on to know more!

The much-anticipated movie of Chanyeol, called ‘The Box’ released on March 24 and raked in attention from the fans. The teaser trailer was the biggest surprise and the most curious part – which had Chanyeol sing a cover of the award-winning singer, Billie Eillish’s song, Bad Guy. His role in the movie is of a singer who can’t sing without a box on his head. Hence, the very fascinating name!

 His song “Break Your Box” from the OST of his film “The Box,” which premiered yesterday!


The movie is produced by Studio Take- a subsidiary of entertainment biggie Spackman Entertainment Group- directed by Yang Jung Woong, the film revolves around the life and journey of an artist- a musician played by Chanyeol and a once popular producer played by Secret Healers star Cho Dal Hwan. The story takes the viewers on a journey where they both meet and support and encourage each other to be better, to live life better. Especially when Chaneyeol’s character suffers with a dilemma – he can’t sing without a box on his head.

The movie screened in 11 countries after it premiered in South Korea, beginning with Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, United States, Japan, Vietnam and Australia.

According to 10Asia, the Korean Film Promotion Commission revealed that Chanyeol’s ‘The Box’ ranked Number 1 on the box office release on the first day of its release, that is, March 24. It toppled the award-winning and critically acclaimed ‘Minari’ to the second place. It also stated that calculating the number of audiences for the preview before its release, takes the total count to 31,905 people. Excluding them, it opened to 29,274 movie-goers. On the same day, ‘Minari’ saw 12,489 audiences – making it’s cumulative count to 74,2912 audiences.’Minari’ had released in South Korea on March 3, 2021. 

Listen to Chanyeol’s melodious voice as he sings the film OST ‘Break Your box” below:

When will Exo’s Chanyeol Enlist For The Military

Exo’s Chanyeol to Enlist For Military Next Month : Chanyeol’s enlistment date has been announced.

On February 26, SM Entertainment confirmed, “Chanyeol will be enlisting as an active duty soldier on March 29.” The agency continued, “His enlistment location and time will not be revealed, and no special events will take place.”

He will be the fifth EXO member to enlist following Xiumin and D.O. who have already been discharged and Suho and Chen who are currently serving. Ahead of his enlistment news, Chanyeol recently wrote a letter opening up to fans and expressing gratitude. On February 24, Chanyeol shared a post on EXO’s fan community. He mentions receiving letters from fans on his November 27 birthday and also being congratulated on the ninth anniversary of the day he was revealed as a member of EXO, which was on February 23, 2012.

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