‘Fu** it up!’ Addison Rae’s post-breakup glow up is all you need to see this weekend

Addison Rae post breakup glow up picture

Addison Rae has been on the news since her break up with another TikTok star Bryce Hall. However, Addison has set the social media on fire after she shared her post-breakup glow up picture and left her fans amused.

Addison Rae has more than 37.4 million followers on her Instagram, and her recent picture has already crossed more than 37 million likes. Addison has always been well-known for her viral dance moves and cute TikToks. Addison, however, gained more fame after her first single ‘Obsessed‘ came out 3 weeks ago on YouTube and created wonders, by receiving more than 15 million views, till now.

Addison Rae’s post-breakup glow up picture

Addison Rae, who has more than 37.4 million followers on her Instagram, recently shared a picture with her followers, which has set her Instagram feed on fire. Fans are often referring her recent post to the post-breakup glow up.

In the picture, Addison can be seen in a multi-coloured bikini with a tiger print mini skirt, completing her look with the cute lavender colour bucket hat. Addison sits on the floor in a kneeling pose as she poses for the picture. She captioned her picture with multiple emojis, “🤪🥰🐆☀️🌼🤪🥰”

Check out Addison Rae’s picture here

Damn! This is the real post-breakup glow up.

Addison Rae has already received more than 37 million likes on her recent Instagram post, with more than 14k comments. Addison has never failed to flatter her followers with her fascinating videos and fire photos.

How fans reacted?

Addison Rae

Addison’s followers, being amused and numb after watching her recent picture, flooded her comment section with incredible comments. Many verified accounts on Instagram of various TikTok stars and other celebs have also dropped fire and heart emojis in the comment section of Addison Rae’s recent post.

Some people called her ‘A QUEEN’, while others said, ‘Fuq it up’, dropping all the fire and heart emojis. “Sorry sasuke I can’t stop simping”, “MARRY ME”, “YESSSSSS!! QUEEN!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️”, “You could throw me through a wall and I would say thank you”, “I’ll treat u better than he did!”, comments dropped by some of the other Instagram users on Addison’s post.

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Addison Rae’s first single ‘Obsessed’

Addison Rae released her first single ‘Obsessed‘ on YouTube, which received a lot of love and positive response from the audience. Addison released her song on March 19, already receiving more than 16 million views with over 672k likes.

Watch her first single ‘Obsessed’ here:

American TikTok star-turned pop singer has made her debut at talk show, ‘The Tonight Show’, starring Jimmy Fallon, on Friday. She gave a live performance on her first single ‘Obsessed’. which was released on March 19, this year.

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