G Dragon hints at BIGBANG comeback: Says he’s focusing on making new music in DAZED’s Interview

gdragon hints at comeback

DAZED selected the fashion icon and leader G Dragon as their muse for their 13th Anniversary Special Edition. On April 9, DAZED KOREA uploaded photos of the pictorial and interview held with BIGBANG’s leader, G Dragon, in celebration of their 13th Anniversary Special Edition. As he is also the current global ambassador for Chanel, he also donned the Chanel Spring Summer 2021 collection for the pictorial.

“I enjoy trying unexpected things”- G Dragon

In the accompanying interview, G-Dragon talked about how he’d started working with Chanel, his artistic worldview, and what he’s currently working on. About working with Chanel, he said, “Everyone has a different image of Chanel, but I like to have fun with clothes and enjoy trying unexpected things. Starting with Chanel, ‘luxury’ fashion brands no longer confine themselves to typical boundaries. It’s not just me, but the idea of ‘men and women’s clothing’ has disappeared. I just find all this interesting and fun.”

G- Dragon’s Instagram update:

G Dragon: The King of K-Pop comeback

An exceptional muse, G Dragon is already often hailed as The King of K-Pop and a supremely talented artist has to himself a whole 58-page pictorial, laced with stunning casual hip hop looks. In the interview, he talked about food, movies, music, and even his life in the pandemic. When asked about the recent notes on his phone, he said that he’s been working on music and spending a lot of time writing lyrics for BIGBANG. Since his military discharge, fans have been eagerly waiting for the iconic K-Pop group BIGBANG to make a comeback.

Unlike other idol groups, since the start, G Dragon has been the main producer of the band as they hardly ever work with new or outside producers. The group BIGBANG has been iconic and in its way, paved the paths for other K-Pop groups to shine and evolve. However, they’re also known for releasing few albums, as compared to their counterparts. But because of how incredibly great their albums turn out to be, also because of the talented producer G Dragon, fans ultimately do not mind these hiatuses. 

G-Dragon focusing more on his upcoming music video

G-Dragon shared that he has been working on music since his discharge from mandatory military service. Asked what he had most recently jotted down in his phone, he said, “Rather than notes, I’m focusing a lot on music and working on BIGBANG stuff these days, so I look for music keywords related to that and write lyrics. Since that’s how I spend my time, most of my notes are related to that.”

G-Dragon loves fashion, thinks it’s Cool

During the photo shoot, G-Dragon created his own artwork and spoke about his artistic worldview. “I think in terms of images,” he said. “That’s why I have a lot of interest in clothes. There’s a reason to things that are strange but cool, so I think that if I try a little of everything, I’ll be able to develop further what suits me and what I like. Rather than ‘develop,’ it just gets easier. Style will keep changing, but I became more comfortable after deciding on the exact theme of what my current style is. How should I say this? It feels like ‘coolness’ is becoming my own. You start to care less about trends.”

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