GantantraDivas Live Updates: Kangana Ranaut asks for the arrest warrant for ‘so-called’ farmers supporters

GantantraDivas Live Updates: Kangana Ranaut asks for the arrest warrant for 'so-called' farmers supporters

Kangana Ranaut, who once was considered to be a very bold and wise woman, being criticized by many for instigating violence and for creating controversies. This time she’s back again with a Tweet and a video, where you can watch her opposing the farmers’ protest. Kangana Ranaut in her recent tweet, vocally opposed the supporters of the farmers’ protest, claiming that everyone who supported farmers in their ‘so-called’ protests should be jailed.

The Bollywood actor has vocally abused the supporters of farmers’ protest, said that they are a ‘disgrace’ to this country and needed to be jailed. She also added that ‘This country will not flourish and prosper as long as we have people like these (the one’s who are supporting the farmers’ protest) living in our country. They are humiliating and needed to be jailed. There should be some repercussions for this’.

See her tweet here:

In the video, Kangana Ranaut is seen expressing her anger towards the protests that flared up violence at the Red Fort, New Delhi. Farmers march and tractor rally began at the Singhu border on Republic day. A faction of farmers protesting reached the Red Fort in the capital city where they were ‘lathi-charged’, have been gassed and manhandled, by the Delhi police for entering into the Red Fort.

Kangana Ranaut captioned her recent tweet as ‘Sick and tired of riots and blood bath almost every month, Delhi, Bangalore and now again Delhi #दिल्ली_पुलिस_लठ_बजाओ #RedFort’

Prior to this tweet, Kangana slammed the artist, Diljit Dosanjh and actor Priyanka Chopra asking if they are now pleased with what is happening in the country where every other person is laughing at us. She also asked them to explain the scenario today.
See the tweet here:

With a picture of a protestor hoisting the ‘Kesari’ flag, she captioned her tweet as “You need to explain this

The whole world is laughing at us today, yahi chahiye tha na tum logon ko!!!! CongratulationsClapping hands sign ”

Kangana had accused both Diljit Dosanjh and Priyanka Chopra who have voiced their support for peacefully protesting farmers. There was a clash between Kangana Ranaut and Diljit Dosanjh on their social media handles regarding the Farmers’ protest a month ago. Besides Diljit Dosanjh, Kangana had also accused Priyanka Chopra to which she never replied back.

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