Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Being Victim Of Real Estate Fraud: SM Entertainment makes a statement about the fraud

taeyeon victim of real estate fraud

Girls’ Generation’s main vocalist Taeyeon recently became a victim of Real Estate fraud. The singer has not publicly made a statement about the fraud but her management company SM Entertainment dropped a brief statement about the idol being a victim of a major real estate fraud.

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SM Entertainment has responded to reports that Taeyeon of Girls ’Generation has been the victim of a major real estate scam.

On October 28, YTN reported that a real estate company had tricked nearly 3,000 people into buying a property with false information. The company deceived the victims into believing that the land they were selling could not be developed and, in fact, was protected as a forest reserve under the Forest Protection Act. The total damage suffered by the victims amounted to $ 250 billion (about $ 214 million).

According to the report, the famous comedian who started her career at KBS worked as their salesman and hired wealthy people to invest, while one of the victims was a member of a popular girls’ group, called A. A YTN report states that A bought land from a large housing company in 2019. The company had bought the world with 400 million winners (about $ 341,760) and sold it to A for $ 1.1 billion (about $ 939,850) in just three months.


A former employee of the company said, “My co-worker from another department was acquainted with A’s father. As far as I know, A’s father heard from the employee and bought the [building] under A’s name. ” Following the report, some media outlets identified Girl A group member Taeyeon and comedian Ahn Soo Mi.

Responding to the reports, a source from the singer’s organisation, SM Entertainment, said, “It is difficult for us to verify the details as they relate to our artist’s assets.”

Ahn Soo Mi said on the phone with OSEN that she had worked as a freelancer in real estate and that she had never met Taeyeon or convinced rich people to do anything. She added that she would take legal action against the report.

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