GIRLS PLANET 999: Fans express their frustration that “Girls Planet 999” contestant Huening Bahiyyih deals with double standards

girls planet 999 netizens are frustrated over contestant's double standards

Mnet’s latest survival show “GIRLS PLANET 999” has been in controversies ever since it started airing. The contestants have been criticised by netizens for various things and now another contestant Huening Bahiyyih is facing criticism when rumours about vote poll rigging surfaced on the internet. Read on to know more about the events that have been taking place on the survival show.

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Girls Planet 999’s Huening Bahiyyih under fire again

Last month, Huening Bahiyyih fans who entered the Girls Planet 999 contestants faced stiff criticism as they were accused of “possible vote fraud” as they were collecting money to buy SIM cards in bulk to vote for her in the program. Later, it emerged that the images used were not of his own volition but were owned by other participants in the survival show, currently members of Enhypen, “Sunoo and Sunghoon from LAND,” and that fans who voted for him using multiple SIM cards received support from the SIM card company. spread across their homeland.

This situation has created a lot of controversy and controversy online, as purchasing SIM cards is a common way to vote for survival survivors to show history; however, Huening Bahiyyih and his followers found great hatred for it.

Netizens React to Girls Planet 999

Recently, the favour of one participant in the game uploaded a picture of the many SIM cards they bought to vote for the participant. However, they were not called to the polls, and no dispute was raised regarding their status, but GP999 stans regarded their action as a “voting strategy.” Fans of Hueing Bahiyyih commented that they did not wish any trainee or celebrity to experience the suffering they experienced by doing their best to support their favourite trainees in the sport, but at the same time, expressed how annoying it was to see double standards they and Huening Bahiyyih should deal with. it is acceptable as long as it does not include Huening Bahiyyih.

Even some people who do not associate with the Huening Bahiyyih have given the same opinion to the Bahiyyih followers of this situation. But fans still continue to support her to the fullest.

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