‘Girls Planet 999’ Controversy: Netizens furious over Mnet ‘using’ & ‘insulting’ a veteran idol contestant for buzz yet again on ‘Girls Planet 999’

girls planet 999 contestant under fire

Girls Planet 999: Netizens do not believe that Mnet is clearly repeating the same tactics used during the ‘Produce’ series and through their new image survival program, ‘Girls Planet 999’. The survival show is mentored by two very experienced Kpop artists, Sunmi and Girls Generation’s Tiffany Young. Here is all you need to know about the moment that surfaced on the internet recently.

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Earlier on July 30, Mnet unveiled a preview clip for the upcoming premiere of the broadcast channel’s new survival series ‘Girls Planet 999’, which will be shown next week on August 6 at 8:20 PM KST. At first glance, a contestant from the C-team (Chinese team) is suddenly asked to “say a word” to Yujin of CLC, a veteran K-Pop idol contestant who participated in the game show.

Destroying Yujin in the Show?

The C-team competitor seems to aim to “destroy” Yujin while singing CLC’s “Helicopter”, which creates a good atmosphere. Even in the previous’ Girls Planet 999 which shared series of the program advisers and mentors watching the contestants’ test clips, the network saw Yujin as “unjustly insulted”. While showing Yujin’s experimental clip of her dance to the KARA song, the caption reads, “Choosing an old song”.

Mnet under viewers radar for being unethical

Many viewers have uttered harsh words criticizing Mnet’s similar tactics. Many of the netizens remember that during ‘Produce 48′, similar tactics were used by Kaeun of After School to create the appropriate moments to be featured in the show. Then last time, the show’s producers rigged viewers’ votes so that Kaeun, who was supposed to finish at 5th, was unfairly given the “14th place”.

Netizens React to Girls Planet 999

Netizens poured in a series of comments after the said contestant was seen insulting Yujin. Here’s a selection of some of the critical comments by the Netizens who were angered by Mnet’s similar tactics to gain viewership.

“Mnet hasn’t come to its senses at all. WTF are they doing.” “Once again, Mnet is so good at making viewers angry.” “Someone please save Yujin TT.” “A 26-year old is ‘old’? How old are you, the one who put that caption??” “Look how bluntly rude they are being…” “Everything about this show already makes me so angry.” “I’m not watching for my own peace of mind~ I’m not watching this stupid show~” “It’s too bad we can’t use curse words on the community~ Mnet, everyone already knows this is ‘Produce’ with a slightly different name so quit your act~”

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