Golden Child revealed preview of upcoming album ‘Yes’: Everything you must know about it

Golden Child revealed preview of upcoming album 'Yes': Everything you must know about it

Golden Child, the K-pop boy group under Woollim Entertainment is making a comeback with their new album titled ‘Yes’. They released the ‘A Version’ music video teaser of the track ‘Burn It’, the title track of ‘Yes’ on 18th January, and the one-minute teaser was enough to leave the fans excited and thrilled.

Golden Child
‘Burn it’ MV teaser

Golden Child, Upcoming Album ‘Yes’

The teaser for the music video and the concept photos show the boys in a monochromatic look. The teaser has succeeded in catching everyone’s attention. We see the boys fighting in a zombie apocalypse, running around in a pharmacy trying to escape the zombies. One scene even shows one of the boys going to shoot another one. The teaser is so good and so thrilling, that it felt like we were watching a trailer of an actual movie.


The group also shared the song list for ‘Yes’ on January 19. Names of six tracks were revealed through an image, and five of the tracks have been written by two rappers of Golden Child, Jangjun and Tag

In the album preview, fans also got an audio teaser for tracks, “Cool Cool”, “I’m waiting”, “Milky Way” and “Breathe”

Release Date

The group’s fifth mini-album ‘Yes’ will drop on January 25 at 6 pm KST. The music video for ‘Burn It’ will also be released at the same time. ‘Yes’ will be released globally on all major music platforms and cam be streamed on YouTube, Melon, Spotify, etc.


The title track ‘Burn It’ is about the heartache that one feels on watching their loved ones suffering. It’s about the desire to burn the pain out of them. As we can see from the teaser only, the album will be having a dark theme.

Last year, they released a trilogy of singles with the names ‘Wannabe’, ‘Without You’ and ‘One (Lucid Dream)’.

Golden Child, the 10-member K-pop boy group, consists of Daeyeol, Jangjun, Tag, Seungmin, Y, Jaehyun, Jibeom, Joochan Donghyun, and Bomin. It initially had one more member, Jaeseok, who left the group in 2018 due to health issues.

The group debuted in 2017 with their six-track EP ‘Gol-Cha!’ with title track ‘DamDaDi’ and have so far released four albums, with ‘Yes’ being their fifth mini album.

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