Watch: GOT7’s Jackson stars in the promotional video for the upcoming Tokyo Olympics 2021

got7' jackson for tokyo olympics

Got7 fans collectively known as “Aghase” are well aware that Jackson definitely gave up the dream he had to visit the Olympics with fencing to pursue his goals of turning into a singer. This time he achieved that dream by making it to the Tokyo Olympics of 2021. The rapper, singer and song writer was seen in a promotional video for the Tokyo Olympics for this year. Fans are absolutely ecstatic for their idol’s achievement and are congratulating him for the big feat. Read on to know more.

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He had mentioned on numerous activities that his mother was a former gymnast and his father was an Asian games gold medalist in fencing. Therefore, Jackson certainly walked down the identical path as his mother and father. With his passionate and athletic nature, Jackson is very much capable of quickly displaying his talents in sports activities.

The singer had various chances visit the Olympics as a fencing athlete as he won various competitions within the junior leagues. Jackson was provided a sports activities scholarship from Stanford university, and was ready for the London Olympics.

However, he determined to pursue his dreams of turning into a singer and to move to South Korea. Now he has grown to be a global superstar displaying his extraordinary talents making a song and overall performance abilities with a tremendous fandom as a member of GOT7 and as a solo artist.

He has made a complete circle and, now, stars in the promotional video for this year’s Tokyo Olympics. On this video, he offers a run-through of the Olympic records and all the athletes who partook in the activities through the years.

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GOT7’s Jackson gave an insight about the solo activities he has coming up, “I will be releasing a single this spring. As I’m standing at a new start line, I worked really hard. I hope the fans will enjoy listening to it.”

Jackson also commented on the effort he puts into his music videos, saying, “I always write the script and direct the music videos for my solo albums. It’s a challenge every time, but it’s really fun.”

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