Got7’s Mark Tuan Announces Departure For His Hometown Los Angeles

After leaving and terminating their contract with Entertainment company JYP, Got7’s Mark is all ready to leave South Korea and return to his hometown in LA. He wrote a message to his fans in a tweet with a picture of himself.

He tweeted a selfie and wrote, “Until we meet again, everyone be healthy and happy~~”

Dispatch uploaded a video of Mark leaving for LA on 31st of January with videos and photos of him at Incheon International Airport. When Mark was asked when he was planning to return, he responded, “I will be back soon.”

BamBam, another one of Got7’s members, uploaded a video with Mark on his Instagram. The picture was captioned – “I’m going to miss you brother.”


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JB (Jaebum) then posted a photo of Yugyeom, JB, Jackson, and Mark together and a chain emoji as the caption.


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.All seven members of GOT7 left JYP Entertainment on January 19 following the expiration of their contracts with the agency. Despite leaving their agency, Got7 have promised their fans that this is not an end to them as a group and that they will be working together in the future as well. Their oldest member, Mark Tuan took to Twitter to first announce their separation, but assured the fans that ‘nothing is coming to an end, just the beginning.’

Mark has since opened his own YouTube channel and has a collaboration song with Sanjoy on the way. Surprisingly Mark’s Youtube channel hit 1 million subscribers with no video at all. The rapper was ecstatic and promised fans that he will be back with new projects soon.

Check out Mark Leaving for LA as he looked super cute in a purple Celine hoodie.

The members shared handwritten letters for their fans after leaving JYP as a band for 7 years, amassing great success.

Although we are parting with GOT7 members, JYP will be wholeheartedly supporting all their journeys in the future. We also sincerely thank IGOT7s who’ve supported the group throughout its career”,  the company said.


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