Halsey changes their pronouns to SHE/THEY: Fans rush in to show their love and support!


Singer-songwriter Halsey has updated their Instagram bio and changed their pronouns to she/they! Several of their fans came in to show support for her decision. Even those who are not a fan, but are a part or allies of the LGBTQ+ community have been showing their support for the singer.

They even went ahead and updated the bio of their Twitter account!

Halsey, a strong allies of the LGBTQ+ community

The tweet, rainbow bikini, and rainbow emojis refer to ‘rainbow baby’, a term coined for a baby that is born after a previous miscarriage.

After the huge support that she got from fans all around the world, Halsey proceeded to show their gratitude by posting an Instagram story with a simple ‘thank you’ to their fans and followers!

Many fans around the world who have been struggling with their own gender identities, were happy, emotional, and received courage by this simple act of a well-known star coming out and becoming public with their identity.

Just earlier this year, Halsey shared the news of them being pregnant on their social media handle, and fans were immensely happy for them. The 26 year-old-singer has always been open about their struggles with reproductive health. She also revealed during a 2016 Rolling Stone interview that she suffered a miscarriage a year back right before a show, but still went ahead with the performance.

She also said that she wanted “to be a mom more than I want to be a pop star, more than I want to be anything in the world.”

Halsey’s last album features an emotional song ‘More’ which she explained relates to her fertility struggles and longing for motherhood.

Halsey also has their own make line, ‘About Face’, which was also launched earlier this year. She is passionate about make-up, and it shows through her work. If you want to read more about her make-line, click here.

Coming out with one’s gender identity on such a huge platform takes a whole lot of courage, and we are glad that Halsey has loving and supportive fans who will be accepting them no matter what. We wish them all the luck and happiness in the world!

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