Is Halsey Pregnant : Halsey Flaunts Baby Bump in Surprise Post

Is Halsey Pregnant : Halsey Flaunts Baby Bump in Surprise Post

American singer Halsey surprised her Instagram followers on Wednesday by posting pictures flaunting her baby bump. She captioned the photos, “Surprise!” along with a milk bottle, rainbow and angel emoji.

The pictures clicked by photographer Sam Dameshek, show Halsey in front of a silk drape background. She tagged screenwriter and partner Alev Aydin. Rumours started going around about the pair back in October 2020 when the pair were spotted in L.A. The two also have matching tattoos featuring the word “seeds” in each other’s handwriting.

The 26 year-old-singer has always been open about her struggles with reproductive health. She also revealed during a 2016 Rolling Stone interview that she suffered a miscarriage a year back right before a show, but still went ahead with the performance.

The singer also tweeted the news:

The tweet, rainbow bikini and rainbow emojis refer to ‘rainbow baby’, a term coined for a baby that is born after a previous miscarriage.

She also said that she wanted “to be a mom more than I want to be a pop star, more than I want to be anything in the world.”

Halsey’s last album features an emotional song ‘More’ which she explained relates to her fertility struggles and longing for motherhood.

Many celebrities commented on the surprise post congratulating Halsey, expressing their happiness. And even though the news took her fans by surprise they are happy for her and wish her a healthy pregnancy and baby.

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