Halsey Reveals That Her Unborn Kid Is A BTS Fan Already: The new little addition to ARMY, Read on to know more

halsey talks about her unborn baby being a bts fan

While everyone is aware how cute of a friendship flourished between BTS and Halsey when they collaborated for the super hit track “Boy With Luv”, the singer revealed another very cute thing about her relationship with the K-pop band and fans are gushing over this revelation. Halsey was never a stranger with being an ARMY on her social media as she often supported and congratulated the septet on their new projects.

Halsey is pregnant with her first child with her boyfriend and screenwriter Alev Aydin, she claims that her baby is an army too. Here’s what she revealed, read on to find out.

Halsey’s Unborn Baby Is An Army

BTS recently collaborated with the fast food giant McDonalds to create a special meal called the BTS meal. The meal included 10 piece chicken nuggets, medium fries, a beverage of choice and two handpicked sauces with flavours from South Korea- Sweet chili and Cajun. The meal was recently released all over the world and the response was amazing. Various artists got hold of the BTS meal and shared in on their social media. Halsey has always been a very active Army, so she went out and grabbed the BTS meal and posted a quick story of this with a caption that said “Baby is army”, how cute is that?

After she posted about the bts meal and her baby being a army, fans were ecstatic with the newest little addition to the fandom and started pouring love to their favorite girl Halsey.

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BTS and Halsey’s Friendship

Halsey and BTS have a very strong friendship since 2017 and she never fails to talk about it online. They collaborated for the mega hit track boy with luv and also with Suga, the rapper from BTS for a track called “Suga’s interlude” which was a part of her third album “manic”.

The artists were seen having a lot of fun every time they performed together, even the behind the scenes videos from the filming of “boy with luv” was filled with so much fun and a lot of smiles. Halsey enjoying her BTS Meal right before she tucks her precious baby into bed and reads her this phenomenal bedtime story.

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