HAPPINESS: Episode 8 Recap, Han Hyo Jo and Park Hyung Sik fight their way through troublemakers


TVN’s new drama “Happiness” is soaring high on the viewership ratings. The show’s male lead is Park Hyung Sik, who is making a comeback with this drama after mandatory military service. The female lead is Han Hyo Joo. Here’s a recap of all eight episodes and what we think will happen as the drama advances.

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“Happiness” is an apocalyptic thriller that takes place in the near future, set in a high-rise apartment building stratified by social standing. The building is sealed off when a new infectious disease emerges in the city, and the drama depicts the residents’ fear, fierce psychological battles, and desperate struggle for survival within the closed-off building.

Han Hyo Joo stars in the drama as Yoon Sae Bom, a tactical agent in the Seoul Police Special Operations Unit, while Park Hyung Sik stars as detective Jung Yi Hyun, her former high school classmate who has feelings for her.


In the last episode, the situation is tense as infected patients enter the building, and people are lost. Han Tae Suk (Jo Woo Jin), who had no other option, visited Yoon Sae Bom in an apartment he lived alone because he had the antibody needed to improve treatment. To test him, he asked for food and weapons. The episode ended when someone opened the door of apartment 101 and allowed an infected patient to enter.

New captions for the next episode show that things are not going to get better. In one photo, Yoon Sae Bom and Jung Yi Hyun face Oh Joo Hyung (Baek Hyun Jin) and Next Problem Problem. He backs away to avoid them but has no place to hide. Oh Joo Hyung has been seen extracting pill ingredients and mixing them into drinks. What is Oh Joo Hyung trying to achieve with Next, and what kind of events will come out of his dangerous experiments?


Yoon Sae Bom and Jung Yi Hyun stepped outside, and the silence heightened the sense of tragedy. The housekeeper (Nam Mi Jung) is surprised by something, and Yoon Sae Bom scrutinizes what a woman gives him. The trail of a person who wipes his blood out indicates that someone with the virus is hiding in apartment 101.

The team of production said, “Surviving a situation where military law has been declared and there is no water and electricity will be a disaster. People who are sympathetic to anxiety will suspect insignificant things, which will gradually lead to violent collisions. With the four promised days approaching, please wait and see if the recovery is possible on a daily basis or if a serious problem arises. ”

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