Happy Birthday Yoongi : Armys celebrate BTS’ Suga’s 29th Birthday

Happy Birthday Yoongi : Armys celebrate BTS' Suga's 29th Birthday

Suga From BTS

BTS’ star rapper-producer, Yoongi is turning 28 years old tomorrow (29 years in Korean age). ARMY is very much excited about BTS’ solo stage performance at the 63rd Grammy Awards, later this week and couldn’t keep their calm as it’s Yoongi’s birthday tomorrow. Jin has already posted an adorably grumpy picture of Suga on his birthday eve.


The ARMY is known for sharing their love in big ways. In the past, they celebrated members’ birthdays with lavish presents, even gifting Jungkook with gold bars because of his nickname, the “Golden Maknae.”

BTS’ Yoongi, also known as SUGA and Agust D, recently celebrated his upcoming birthday with a wonderful gift that only the BTS Army (fans of BTS) can give. BTS Army put Daechwita, the lead track from Yoongi ’s 2020 mixtape, atop the US iTunes’ song sales chart. Fans of the K-pop idol decided to mark his upcoming birthday, March 9, with a “buying party” and succeeded in placing the single at the top of the chart in only six hours.

Its been reported that the music video views for Daechwita, a music video by Yoongi, surpassed 200 million recently , doubling the number from July 2020. Yoongi became the first solo K-pop artiste to enter both the Billboard 200 and Hot 100, the main albums and singles charts respectively, with his second solo mixtape D-2.

The project also took the seventh spot on Britain’s Official Albums Chart Top 100, the highest position for a solo K-pop musician. For Yoongi’s birthday on March 9, fans set streaming goals for songs performed by this rapper, both on YouTube and Spotify. That includes some of his solo music, like “Daechwita” and “D-2,” as well as songs released under the BTS umbrella, like Map of the Soul: 7’s “Interlude: Shadow.”  

For RM’s birthday, some fans planted trees. For J-Hope’s birthday, some fans funded a hospital in China. Some fans celebrate the BTS members by donating to charities and Yoongi is no exception. Yoongi’s Pakistan and Vietnam-based fans are encouraging ARMYs to donate blood for the performer’s upcoming birthday. From March 1-3, there were blood drives in Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad, helping those in need. Even prior to Yoongi ’s birthday, fans donated to the Black Lives Matter movement, inspired by the artists’ donation with the other BTS members.

Armys also planned a hot air balloon that resembled Yoongi! There were other plans of billboard shows, pictures on the metro lines in korea, creating fanart for him and his music and much more!

Like they do for every members bday, armys have trended more than 10 tags altogether. and the bts members are already active on twitter, wishing yoongi a very happy birthday.

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