Harry Potter Coming To TV? Live Action Show In Development

Harry Potter Coming To TV? Live Action Show In Development

Harry Potter, a TV show might be coming to us in the near future. The streaming platform for J K Rowling’s famous book series based Tv show would be HBO Max. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the project is still in the early development stage as no official notice has been released as of now.

A source reported to HR that the project has been in talks and the idea is “engaged in multiple conversations with potential writers exploring various ideas.” The cast has not been decided yet and fans are hoping to see some actors from the film franchise in the TV series. In December 2020, Rupert Grint, who played Ron Weasley in all 8 Harry Potter movies, talked about being able to play the role of Ron again, and the star was up for it!

The Harry Potter book series is also adapted into movies that chronicle the life and adventures of a teenage boy with special abilities. The books were published between 1997 to 2007. They have sold over 450 million copies worldwide, distributed in more than 200 territories, and translated into 79 languages. The film franchise was a tremendous success, a blockbuster. There is a total of eight movies and the main cast includes Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint. The movies earned more than $7 billion worldwide.

The eight-film series started with “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” and terminated with “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” Part 1&2.

Since the Harry Potter series has complicated ownership and rights issues, it may take time for the author who controls and has a will in anything related to HP and the production company associated to come up with a proper decision about the TV series. Either way, this report has made fans excited about the return of their favorite hero all around the globe.

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