Harry Styles Birthday Special: Most iconic fashion moments!

Harry Styles is one of the most famous music artists working today. He rose to fame over 10 years ago as a 16-year-old singer who auditioned in X-Factor, and joined the newest boy band, One Direction. One Direction went on to become one of the most popular boybands- with millions of fans, right before it disbanded in 2016. All the members went on to start their solo music careers.

Harry Styles has also ventured into acting, and has starred in the movie ‘Dunkirk’, and will also be acting in a few upcoming movies.

Apart from his music and acting, Harry Styles is known for his amazing sense of ‘style’. He seems to pull off any look, whether is is a simple cute-boy look with a shirt and a loose sweater, or a whole ballerina outfit. He sure is aware of how to wear clothes that will have his fans go crazy. Here are some of his most iconic looks!


Met Gala
Harry Styles
Harry Styles in The Met Gala

Harry Styles showing up to the Met Gala in this outfit was a cultural reset. Several people ranked him on top in lists of the ‘Best Dressed’ people on the Met Gala. From the frills to the lace, to the net, he rocked each part of the outfit! His outfit was widely talked about and the fans absolutely loved it.

The Today Show
Harry Styles
Harry Styles on ‘The Today Show’

Harry performed his song ‘Watermelon Sugar’ on ‘The Today Show’, wearing this Gucci outfit that was picked out by stylist Harry Lambert. Styles looked absolutely beautiful in this outfit as he performed his song that topped the charts.


Harry for Vogue
Harry Styles
Harry for Vogue

When the pictures from the shoot for Vogue were released and we saw Harry in a dress, the internet quite literally lost their shit. Styles has many times challenged gender norms through his fashion sense, and he just keeps winning hearts every time he does it. He looked stunning in this beautiful dress that he sported, and was adored and respected by his fans and the people of the internet.


Gucci on SNL

Harry Styles
Hosting at SNL

Look at this outfit, and name one other person who can pull it off as well as Harry does. While hosting at SNL, Styles managed to make this Gucci outfit of a blue shirt, yellow pants along with a grey jacket look so good and effortlessly beautiful, that his fans were in awe of him.


SiriusXM Studio
Harry in SiriusXM Studio

Of course, Styles even looks amazing in a somewhat casual attire too, that he wore in March 2020 to the SiriusXM Studio. People loved his blue sweater and green pants, along with those pearls around his neck.


Brit Awards 2020
Harry Styles
Harry Styles in Brit Awards

We never knew someone could look that good in an all-yellow outfit until we saw Harry Styles wearing it of course. For the Brit Awards 2020, Styles decided to wear the Marc Jacobs womenswear, a canary yellow look that definitely turned around some heads.


We’d like to wish Harry Styles a very Happy Birthday, and we hope that we continue to see him looking gorgeous in more killer outfits that will have people losing their minds!

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