Has Wendy left Red Velvet? Actors From Red Velvet Wendy’s New MV Refer To Her As A “Former” Member

has wendy left red velvet

Has Wendy left Red Velvet? The K-pop girl group’s contract was rumoured to be expired two months ago and in a recent interview, Wendy, Red Velvet’s main vocalist was introduced as a “former member” of the group. This started a string of discussions online among netizens.

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Has Wendy left Red Velvet?

After two actors in the singer’s upcoming music video put her as a “former member” of Red Velvet, fans were left wondering if there was any truth in the lyrics. Earlier this month, fans were thrilled to learn that Red Velvet’s singer was finally getting a new song to share. On October 29, she and Son Tae Jin (a member of the Forte di Quattro male quartet) will release “Be Deep” —and the duet will also receive a music video.

Next to Wendy and Son Tae Jin themselves, the music video will feature two Korean-based American actors: John D. Michaels and Amy Woo. But when the two participating players announced their new gig on Instagram today, they surprised fans with their description of the singer.

On her Instagram account, Amy Woo said, “The MV of Son Tae Jin and Wendy (formerly Red Velvet) came down on Friday!” Similarly, John D. Michaels wrote, “The promotion was filmed with a new music video from Son Tae Jin and Wendy (formerly Red Velvet).” Naturally, fans were left confused — as everyone knows, Wendy is still a member of Red Velvet.


Four Red Velvet members made their debut seven years ago in August 2014, and Yeri joined the group in March 2015. However, although their first contract is thought to have lasted seven years, SM Entertainment still has to announce if members have renewed their terms with the company.

A recent investor report also cited Red Velvet’s contract renewal as a Q4 2021 contract (September to December 2021), meaning that members may not even have decided whether to stay together at SM Entertainment at the moment. That being said, investor reports are often viewed as estimates and speculations, so there is no guarantee that this information will be accurate.


In any case, as nothing has been announced yet, fans are puzzled to see the music video actors calling Wendy a former Red Velvet member. That said, after fans met John D. Michaels’ post and informed him that the singer is still a member of Red Velvet, he has amended his caption to read “Wendy (from Red Velvet)”. “I’ll fix it, thank you!” he told one commenter, replying, “I just edited it ~ I’m embarrassed …” to another. This led many to believe that the original captions were probably wrong, though Amy Woo had not yet changed her names.

It is also worth noting that Yeri recently revealed that Red Velvet is preparing for the return of Japan, which shows that the band is still making music together. Regardless of the outcome of the Red Velvet contract re-negotiation, fans are hopeful that it will not be long before concrete news is released.

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