Bigg Boss Season 14: Top 11 ‘Worst fights’ in Season 14 so far

Bigg Boss Season 14: Top 11 'Worst fights' in Season 14 so far

Bigg Boss is never complete without its constant bickering and ugly fights – whether staged or not. From walking out of the show to love-hate relationships, here are some of the worst fights that took place in Bigg Boss 14! 

What is Bigg Boss without its fights? Frankly, nothing! There is not a single season of the TV reality show where fights breaking out in the house have not been a common occurrence. However, Bigg Boss 14 makers seem to have gotten addicted to these fights. Interestingly, contestants this time, who have watched the previous seasons of Bigg Boss, feel that the show is all about fights.

Every single day, there is an episode that is brilliantly edited to showcase the nastiest fights going on inside the house. It gets so violent sometimes that contestants start abusing each other, which is beeped out, of course. While the fans debate the real part of this reality show, we bring to you some of the worst fights of Bigg Boss 14, whether staged or not.


Eijaz and Pavitra Fight
Eijaz and Pavitra

Eijaz Khan and Pavitra Punia had a somewhat different equation. From romance to ugly fights, they had it all. So much so, they made it to the list of the worst fights on Bigg Boss 14. It all started when Pavitra nominated Eijaz for evictions. Eijaz then told Pavitra that she called him a friend and backstabbed him by nominating him. She apologised and said, “Galti karke maafi maangne wala bada.” They got involved in a scream-fest.

However, much later Eijaz took his revenge and chose to save Jasmin Bhasin over her from nomination. Pavitra felt betrayed over this and told Nikki that she felt cheated and hurt with his behaviour. She was left fuming and in tears after this.

They often got into major arguments with each other but always made up later and had a strong bond in the house. Pavitra was evicted from the house and recently Eijaz also had to leave the show in between due to other prior commitments.


Jasmin and Rahul Fight
Jasmin and Rahul

Who can forget the ugly fight between Jasmin Bhasin and Rahul Vaidya during a captaincy task? The actress apparently got offended when Rahul tried to convince her to leave the task and threw a major tantrum on the show. She jumped up and down on the sofa, bawled bitterly, and flailed her arms in the air.

In the task, Rahul had used a bit of force to make Jasmin lose the task. The actress was then seen yelling and throwing stuff on the ground. She cried bitterly and screamed, “Aise aadmi pe thu, Mein nahi darti kisi aadmi se, koi aisa paida nahi hua.”



Aly and Kavita Fight
Aly and Kavita

In one of the episodes, Kavita Kaushik got a special power by Bigg Boss to dump the things of contestants who broke the BB rules. Kavita was instructed to give the personal belongings of the erring housemates to Bigg Boss. She had to drop them in a giant box that was specially arranged.

It so happened that Aly stole a chocolate bar from the captain’s item, thus breaking the rule. Kavita decided to take action immediately and dropped his grooming items in the box provided by Bigg Boss. On this, Aly got irritated and said that Kavita should have asked him before dropping his personal belongings in the box.

During the fight, Kavita said, “Maine accha kaam kiya hai. Cheel aur gunda ban ke nahi kiya. Aly quickly responded saying, “Ekta maam! Apke show ka mazaak uda rahe hain.” Kavita shouted back, “Teri Baap Hoon Main.” Aly lost his cool over this and vented saying, “Teri aukaat nahi hai mera baap banne ki.”

He got very violent and started breaking things in the house. He also broke a chair and threw the trash bin. Their fight escalated and Kavita went on to complain to Bigg Boss that she did not feel safe with Aly’s aggressive behavior. She cried and complained that Aly hurt her physically and her elbow was injured.




Rahul and Jaan Fight
Rahul and Jaan

This is perhaps one of the most memorable fights on Bigg Boss 14. The word nepotism shook the BB house to its core and made headlines till days. In one of the nomination task, Rahul Vaidya had attacked Jaan Kumar Sanu for being a product of nepotism and making through Bigg Boss because of his father Kumar Sanu.

He had said, “I would like to nominate Jaan Kumar Sanu because I hate nepotism. Whoever has come on the show, they’ve come on the basis of their hard work. Jaan is on the show because he’s someone’s son.”

Jaan reacted by saying, “I’m fortunate that Mr. Kumar Sanu is my father. Not everybody is that lucky. Unfortunate for you.” Jaan then revealed that his mother was the one he grew up with after their parents separated, and his father Kumar Sanu supported him after seeing his talent. Rahul was even reprimanded by Salman Khan for the same.

While everyone was still reeling over this incident, Rahul made yet another comment on Jaan in the next episode where he called Jaan ‘ladki’. He was later schooled by Naina Singh and Jasmin Bhasin for the same. His comment to Jaan was, “Beta pehele ladka ban. Ladki banna choddd.” He was bashed for thinking for targeting the gender and trying to prove that it is weaker than the other.



Rubina and Kavita Fight
Rubina and Kavita

Fights are common but we never heard of a contestant walking out of the show because of it. Kavita Kaushik, however, made history when she left the BB 14 house after getting into an ugly spat with Rubina Dilaik. It so happened that Kavita taunted Rubina and asked her if she knew her husband’s (Abhinav Shukla) truth. Rubina replied, “Himmat hai to bol,” to which Kavita said that she will speak once outside the house.

The fight further escalated and Rubina called Kavita nonsense and said that she didn’t want to know anything from her mouth. She further shouted at Kavita and said, “Ye jo gundagardi karti ho bahar karna mere samne mat karna.”

Kavita then walked out of the Bigg Boss 14 while Rubina kept shouting, “You can only go to that level. You are selfless, worthless. She just left and that’s how Kavita Kaushik is, Now she will come back to lick her own spit.”

Meanwhile, Kavita’s husband had later accused Abhinav Shukla of sending drunken texts to the actress which was cleared on the weekend.


Eijaz and Jaan Fight
Eijaz and Jaan

This was perhaps the nastiest fight on Bigg Boss 14. In the luxury task, the house was divided into ‘Angels’ and ‘Devils’. During the task, Eijaz ordered Jaan Kumar Sanu to put his hand inside the toilet seat. After following the order, when Jaan removed his hand, some droplets of water splashed on Eijaz which angered him. He screamed at him saying that if it happens again he will ask Jaan to lick that hand he had put in the toilet.

Eijaz also kept insulting Jaan by asking him to remove his clothes then shave his beard. Eijaz kept insulting Jaan which led to a massive fight between the duo. They called each other names and also got in a physical fight. Jaan also broke down and said that he considered Eijaz to be his big brother but was upset by the way he behaved.


Rahul and Rubina Fight
Rahul and Rubina

In a particular task, Eijaz Khan bashed the singer for disrespecting women and accused him of using inappropriate language during fights. Rahul clarified that he only had arguments with Rubina Dilaik in the house and he did not respect her. He also said that he is not ashamed of it.

Meanwhile, in a captaincy task, Rahul called Abhinav Shukla, Rubina’s ‘sasta vakil.’ It was a captaincy task where both of them were king and queen. They were adamant about becoming the new captain of the BB 14 house. Amidst this, they also got into a major fight. When Abhinav Shukla came to defend Rubina, Rahul said, “Rubina’s sasta vakil has come to help her now.” He also asked the couple to play individually.

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Eijaz and Kavita Fight
Eijaz and Kavita

Eijaz Khan and Kavita Kaushik had started on a good note when the latter entered the house as a wildcard contestant. However, the equation between them took to complete the U-turn gradually. From time to time, the duo have engaged in some of the worst fights ever that should go down in history. In one particular episode, the duo came face-to-face over a small kitchen spat, literally. They came physically close to each other while getting into an ugly war of words.

It so happened that Kavita was taunting Eijaz for cooking food and not cleaning the counter. Eijaz replied, “When we order, only then will the kitchen counter be cleaned,” which fueled the fight. Kavita also pushed Eijaz saying, “If he comes in front of me, I will push him.” She was slammed by Aly Goni for using physical force which is against the rules of Bigg Boss.

What’s more? Kavita Kaushik’s fight with Eijaz had even led to her eviction earlier. She had made a personal attack on Eijaz by saying, “I have given respect to a very senior member of the industry and that’s my biggest mistake.” She revealed that during the lockdown she had cooked food for Eijaz, but they are not friends. An angry Salman Khan had even walked off the stage.

In the jail task, Kavita had announced that she wanted to see Eijaz and Pavitra Punia inside the cage and said that this way the two love birds can be close to each other. This had led to another ugly fight as well where Kavita accused Eijaz of using his personal life to gain sympathy from others to get ahead in the game.

The duo’s fights are so common that when Farah Khan had entered BB 14 as a judge, she had questioned Kavita about her ugly fights and outbursts with Eijaz. Kavita stood on her point and said that she was not sorry for her reaction during her spat with Eijaz.

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Vikas and Arshi Fight
Vikas and Arshi

By now, it must be very evident that Arshi Khan and Vikas Gupta cannot see eye to eye. Ever since they entered the BB 14 house as challengers, they have been getting into ugly spats with each other. In a recent episode, Arshi had mocked Vikas for having the mastermind tag and called him, ‘jhootha saala.’ This angered Vikas and he warned Arshi not to use such language for him.

They also got physically aggressive with other. Arshi also threatened to hit Vikas with a pan. During the fight, she also touched his hair to which, Vikas forcefully moved her hand. They accused each other of hitting.

In another instance, Vikas got annoyed with Arshi’s fake rumours of him being in touch with the creative team of BB. He said, “Naagin dassna band kar.” This led to a fight between the two and Arshi told him that now she had become his enemy. Arshi said, “Tumhari harkatein sab jaante hain, sympathy gain mat karo, bhag yahan se.”

When Vikas lost his cool totally, he even pushed Arshi into the pool for which he was thrown out of the show for breaking the rule of Bigg Boss but later he came back as he was given a second chance but still both cannot live without their arguments and fights in the show.

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Abhinav and Aly Fight
Abhinav and Aly Fight

While Jasmin Bhasin is great friends with Abhinav Shukla, her boyfriend Aly Goni doesn’t seem to be getting along with him. During one of the tasks, Aly Goni and Abhinav Shukla couldn’t see eye to eye.

Aly asks him to perform well in the task, and exchange a heated argument. Later, Aly Goni taunts him for his game, which irks Abhinav and he calls him a “ghatiya” person and tells Aly that he doesn’t get scared of these little things.

11) When Devoleena lost her calm with Nikki

Nikki and Devoleena Fight
Nikki and Devoleena

A massive fight was witnessed between Nikki Tamboli and Devoleena Bhattacherjee. The two not only yelled at each other but also called each other names. During the task, when Nikki Tamboli went inside and sat in the house to give points to the opposite team as she wanted to support Rubina. Their fight got out of hand and Devoleena mocked Nikki Tamboli saying that she is using Rubina and Abhinav because the couple has lots of fans outside. Hearing this, Nikki tells Devoleena she is at least better than her and she doesn’t accuse people of MeToo.

The fight started when Nikki refused to come out of the house and Devoleena lost her cool. She started calling the former names. She called her headless chicken, tamboli amboli and threatened to cancel the task. Nikki sat inside and laughed over Devoleena’s frustration.

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Devoleena went inside after hearing the MeToo comments that Nikki made during their massive fight. She went inside and started blasting Nikki. When Nikki teased Devoleena by singing “Come baby come come”, she dragged Jaan Kumar Saanu’s name and stated that she should do this in front of people like Jaan who roamed around her. She also stated that “Ye na tu apne boyfriends ke saamne karna jaake’. From commenting about Nikki’s upbringing to threatening her that she will slap her before leaving the house, Devoleena did everything in her anger.



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