Hello Mini Review, Cast and Plot : Here’s everything you need to know about the web series which is loved by many viewers.

Hello Mini

Hello Mini is a romantic-thriller web series about a young girl Mini and her stalker, who is both a blessing and a curse. Directed by Faruk Kabir, the series is an adaptation of novels written by Novoneel Chakraborty & Croctales. The show has three seasons and 93% of the viewers liked the show. It revolves around the life of an independent girl, Rivanah Bannerjee. She has recently moved to Mumbai and leads a perfect life with her boyfriend, parents, and job. Keep reading to know more about the web series.

The cast of ‘Hello Mini’

The web series features Anuja Joshi as Rivanah Bannerjee, Mrinal Dutt as Danny Abraham and Arjun Aneja as Prateek Basotia in lead roles. Other cast members include Anshul Pandey as Ekansh, Anjuman Saxena as Mrs Banerjee, Vineet Sharma as Inspector Kamble, Gaurav Chopra as Aditya Grover and a few others.

Where to watch ‘Hello Mini?’

Get all the episodes of this latest MX Originals’ thriller web show Hello Mini online on MX Player.

Hello Mini Plot

  • A thriller drama series, revolving around Rivanah Bannerjee, an independent girl, living alone in Mumbai. She has a perfect life: doting parents, a loving boyfriend, and a great job. But things are seldom what they seem, as her life is in danger. Someone has been following, watching her every move, trying to get control over her life. At first, she thinks it’s a secret admirer. But the person following her is he or she?
  • Featuring Arjun Aneja, Priya Banerjee, and Gaurav Chopra in the lead roles, Hello Mini is a thriller drama web show which revolves around the life of an independent girl, Rivanah Bannerjee. She has recently moved to Mumbai and leads a perfect life with her boyfriend, parents, and job. But things take a turn when she comes to know about a stalker who has been tracking all of her moves while trying to gain control over her life. Initially, she thinks that the stalker is just a secret admirer, but various unforeseen circumstances leave her confused. Watch Hello Mini all episodes now to find out more.

Trailers of all 3 seasons of Hello Mini

Here’s the trailer of Season 1:

Here’s the trailer of Season 2:

Here’s the trailer of season 3:


Hello Mini has excellent reviews. About 93% of the viewers loved this web series. Here are some the reviews for you:

“A very long series but it was worth watching.. the suspense remain till the end we see the stranger..rivannah is really a very daring girl who takes life as it comes and is also not scared of anything.. but unwanted sex is shown at many places as if everyone is so free .. the longest series I have ever watched but it is good to be seen.. this series taught us that we should always know our worth and every person has great potential it’s just that someone should be there as a stranger to make us realize it. I would recommend everyone to watch it till the end. and I will give 8out of 10..do watch it, it’s free”

“I didn’t expect it to be that good. It is the ultimate thriller. Anuja who acted as rivanna, omg… She is so hot and beautiful, I have a crush on her. Her acting was phenomenal. All the other actors also performed very well. The direction and plot were great. It’s not like any other web series where there’s just sexually explicit content to attract an audience without any plot, direction or acting. It’s a great series and deserves a watch. And you won’t be able to get Rivanah a.k.a Anuja out of your mind once you see this, at least I couldn’t. Happy binge-watching.”

“I would say, the series is this much interesting that I have completed it all 3 seasons 35 episodes in a day it’s an addiction once u started watching it u can’t wait to watch another episode. There is no going back after starting it And the acting of Mini, Nivaan, Ekansh, Danny, Ishitha, Tista, I mean all of them are superb. I never expected this kind of suspense from web series.”

People have given 5 star rating to the show, It is a MUCH WATCH.

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