Here’s why Einstein Chacha is a new viral ‘meme’. Check out the best tweets and memes

Chacha Harinder Bhagpat wale

In a combat between two Chaat sellers over attracting customers in Utter Pradesh, this ‘Chaat wale chacha’ or ‘Einstein chacha‘ caught everybody’s attention. 

After ‘Pawri ho rahi hai‘ and Shweta’s leaked recording, a video of two rivalry Chaat sellers on the streets of UP town of Baghpat, attacking and beating up the members of opposite rivalry teams, with lathis and iron rods in their hands has gone viral in no time and became a new ‘meme’ content.

Reason for the violent clash in UP:

According to sources, the shopkeepers of two chat stalls at the Atithi Bhavan market area in the UP town fought with each other with lathis and iron rods over attracting customers and the clash continued for 3-4 minutes before it was put to hold. 12 people among them have been badle injured and 8 arrested for the charges against them in attempt to murder.

“They kept drawing my customers away…they kept telling them to come to our shop, his food is last night’s…The customers would return my chaat,” Harinder Chacha complained.

What caught the attention of the netizens was ‘Baal wale chacha’ or ‘Chaat wale chacha’ (Harinder) who is constanly beating up a member from the rivalry team with no breath. ‘Chacha’ never fails to flatter netizens, be it ‘Bhosdiwale chacha’ or ‘Chaat wale Chacha’.

Check out the video of viral ‘Einstein chacha’ here:

‘Chacha’ can be seen in a Green Kurta with Henna-dyed big frizzy hair beating up zestfully the member of the rivalry team.

Tons of people have been making hilarious memes, others took this trend to twitter and made ‘The Best’ tweets and others have been recreating the video from the viral brawl.

We will show you ‘THE BEST’ of the tweets, memes and YouTube videos of this viral ‘Chacha’ that will definitely make you laugh hard and hold your stomach.

1. Einstein Chacha of Baghpat

People have been juxtaposing ‘Chaat wale chacha’ to Albert Einstein because of the resemblance of his hair that definitely matches with that of the Einstein.


The brawl between the two teams has been compared to the STAR WARS as they have been seen holding lathis or iron rods as their weapons and the clash has been renamed as STAR WARS~ UP EDITION.

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3. Other hilarious tweets:

4.  Some hilarious Memes from instagram

5. Recreated videos from YouTube



Meanwhile, 8 people have been arrested in Bhagpat, UP, after the violent clash erupted. “Eight people have been arrested in connection with the clash that broke out between two groups of shopkeepers in Baraut area of Baghpat earlier today. Necessary action is being taken,” said Baghpat Police.

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