Hottest Kdrama World Actors: 12 Most Followed Korean Actors on Instagram 2021

most followed korean actors

KDrama hottest and most followed actors on Instagram: Most of the Korean actors have Instagram and some have an impressive amount of followers! Some have been using actively Instagram while some do not really keep it updated. Some actors also just created their Instagram recently and are still gathering followers. The Hallyu wave isn’t just taking over our TV screens, but our Instagram feeds as well. Kdrama taking to social media in a very big way.

From K-pop idols who’ve tried their hand at the silver screen, to award-winning thespians, we list dow

The top 12 most followed KDrama (Korean) actors on Instagram below.

12. Hwang In Yeop (@hi_high_hiy)

Hwang In Yeop gained an immense amount of fans through his role of Han Seo Jun in the drama “True Beauty”. The 30 year old actor is known for his youthful looks and his ability to ace the role of a high schooler without letting the viewers guess that he’s actually a 30 year old man.

FOLLOWERS: 8.4 million

11. Park Jinyoung (@jinyoung_0922jy)

The GOT7 vocalist is also an actor and has starred in quite a few dramas. He aced the main role in the drama called “He is psychometric”. Now that the singer has ended his contract with JYP he wishes to focus more on his acting profile.

FOLLOWERS: 8.2 Million

10. EXO’s SuHo ( @kimjuncotton)

Though most known as EXO’s leader and main vocalist, he’s also played the main role in dramas like Star of the Universe, Rich Man, and How Are You Bread. SuHo was sent off to the military last May 2020 and is expected to be discharged in February 2022.

FOLLOWERS: 8.8 million

9. LEE Dong Wook ( @leedongwook_official)

Lee Dong wook takes the ninth place with 9.8 million followers. The actor is very famous for his role of the grim reaper in Goblin. He recently starred in a fantasy drama called ‘Tale of the nine tailed’.

FOLLOWERS: 9.8 million

8. Kim SooHyun ( @soohyun_k216)

Sought-after K-drama leading man Kim Soo Hyun, who just recently created an Instagram account, has already soared to the ninth place with 8.5 million flowers. The actor’s breakout role was Dream High in 2011, and his career skyrocketed since. He’s even been hailed the highest-paid Korean actor in 2020 earning $85,000 per episode. He was last seen in ‘It’s okay to not be okay’


7. EXO’S KAI (@zkdlin)

The multi-talented Kai stepped into the entertainment industry as EXO’s main dancer and debuted as a solo artist this April 2020. The idol-actor has also starred in television dramas like Andante, Choco Bank, Haru ga Kita, and Miracle That We Met.


6.  Nam JooHyuk ( @skawngur)

Best known for starring as a talented swimmer in Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo, the model-turned-actor is now making headlines as Nam Do-san in the hit series, Start-Up.


5. Ji ChangWook (@jichangwook)

Since his debut in 2008, Chang Wook has never failed to make us swoon over his charming and amusing roles in shows like Empress KiHealer, and Suspicious Partner. Up next after the release of Backstreet Rookie, the actor is set to make a comeback in City Couple’s Way of Love, a romance drama that aired in december.


4.  Park SeoJun @bn_sj2013)

 He is best known for his roles in She Was Pretty, Hwarang, Fight for My Way, and What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim. Winning our hearts all over again with his killer smile and “chestnut” haircut in Itaewon Class.


3. Lee JongSuk (@jongsuk0206

The actor debuted into the entertainment industry as a model and eventually transitioned as an actor starring in Princess Prosecutorin 2010, before his breakout role in the drama School 2013.


2. ASTRO’S Chaa Eunwoo (@eunwo.o_c)

As a recognized top idol, he has also showcased his superb acting prowess as when he starred in dramas like Sweet Revenge, My ID Is Gangnam Beauty, and Rookie Historian Goo Hae-Ryung. He rose to immense fame after he played the role of Lee Suho in the hit drama True Beauty. He’s also known as Astro and the nation’s main visual.


1 Lee Min Ho (@actorleeminho)

Topping the list is Lee Min Ho with 2 million followers. He’s most known for playing the lead role in Boys Over Flowers, City Hunter, The Legend of the Blue Sea, and most recently, in The King: Eternal Monarch for his 2020 K-drama comeback after military enlistment. 


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